Wednesday, November 30, 2011

well thanksgiving was last week and i didn't put everything im thankful for so here goes: and ally) games.humor.clothes.ter-car <3 (this ones for you ally).my dog.the church.the prophet.glitter.seminary.grandparents.spell check.books.mac n'cheese.facebook.efy.and so much more <3

Monday, November 21, 2011

ten. favorite places to be. (my house, my room, franklin high school, the gym, anywhere with my friends, the park, church, sister chongs making crafts, robalin house, and the temple.)nine. weird things about me. ( i HATE it when i hear people chewing their food, i love mexican candy, i LOVE mac n' cheese and i always put pepper on it, the most comfortable way for me to stand is like a flamingo with one leg propped up on the other knee, my favorite color is glitter, when i eat cupcakes i take off the bottom half and put it on the top so its like a sandwich, i always clean my room cause i cant stand it if its messy, my ankles crack when i walk, and my arm is crooked when i lean on it cause i broke it when i was in 3rd grade)
eight. things i'm going to do this summer. (read, go to lake powell on a house boat ♥, go to my family reunions, get ready for college, spend as much time as i can with ally robalin and katherine nielson, tan...alot, make something, and hang out with everyone i know before i leave.)seven. things i'm thinking of. (holy smokin', college apps, what happened with me and kristina, ally and a certain other, my newspaper assignment, what i want to be when i grow up, and if i should grow my hair out a little or keep it short)
six. things i'm wearing. (my harry potter t-shirt, and my red heart pj bottoms. that is it! i just woke up!)
five. things i'm worried about. (that i wont have the motivation to finish these dang college apps, im also just worried about college in general, im worried that i wont have the guts to talk to the cutest guy ever, that me and beaner wont ever be the same, and that i will miss my friends too much when i leave them)
four. things on my floor. (shoes, another pair of shoes, and two t-shirts)
three. things i want to do today. (sleep, make my stocking for CDL, and go to the gym)
two. things i'm willing to reveal. (i promised myself i have to talk to holy smokin on tuesday at the game no matter what! and im scared of going to college, like really bad)
one. secret. (on every 11:11 wish i pretty much wish for the same thing, but i can't tell you what it is :))

Saturday, November 19, 2011


another amazing concert. we were right on the stage, and charles kelley grabbed my hand <3 talk about amazing! i love lady antebellum sooooo much! thank you for such a great night.