Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Very Sick Way To End December

I am so sorry that we all look really fine in this picture. Christmas mornings at our house start E.a.r.l.y.
But lets start with Christmas eve. We went and played soccer in the morning and then did our tradish run to the bagel shop for bagel sandwiches. Then we went home and wrapped presents and so forth and watched some Christmas movies, and we had a dang good dinner. Then we had our evening celebrations, and we read some Christmas books and each talked about our favorite stories about Christ.
Then we went to bed late and woke up real early and I was sick. So out of my lifetime I bet you I have been sick for at least half of all of my Christmas's. It is just grand. But Christmas was still good. I got some great things :)
And that leads us to now, starting on Christmas till now I have been oh so sick. So, yea it has been fun times. But I am just ready to party my heart out during New Years. I will make my last week here COUNT! Oh yes I will, you better believe it!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Adventures Of A Babysitting Gig

Well this weekend I babysat for my home ward bishop and his wife while they went to CA. It was an adventure to say the least and this is how it went down:
  • I made a remade multiple pipe cleaner crowns and jewelry items.
  • We ates lots of cereal
  • Told some bedtime stories
  • Had some miner freak out, and by minor, I mean major.
  • I helped with math homework, and I was so proud of myself cause I totally knew how to do it. Come at me logistic growth!
  • I was informed about all of the wonders of a kinder gardener.
  • We made ginger bread houses. Actually I made the houses with gallons of frosting so they wouldn't fall apart, and then the kids got the fun/easy part and decorated them.
  • We went to our ward Christmas party and we saw Santa.
  • We watched a very unhealthy amount of Avatar and Disney Channel.
  • I drove a hot mini around town.
  • I didn't have to cook at all on Friday. Holla!
  • The little girls threw a mini party that I was so graciously invited to.
  • I got minimal sleep.
  • We did SO MANY arts and crafts.
  • And I read Matched while there.
So all in all it was a good time. Even though I dealt with crying kids all night, and had to hold the fort down, it was still fun and those girls are so entertaining to be around. Thanks for an unforgettable time ladies. Till next time!

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Post Dedicated To The End Of The Semester

After I took my last final, it was a very happy moment in Sara's life. I was so happy to be done with my first semester of college! So I was feeling a little crazy and I decided to put boxes on my feet and "ice skate" around the kitchen. It was oh so much fun, and then we got really carried away....
 ....And box ice skates turned into this. And then she went around and she knocked on peoples doors and she did a robot dance. I was so proud/weirded out all the same time!!!
 Then we had our boys come over and give us our last bet time story :( Jeremy this one if for you: We are going to miss you so so much. You are one of the finest kids I have had the pleasure of meeting. You make me laugh sooooo much, it's incredible. You have such a strong testimony, and thank you for sharing it with me. You are just the greatest kid ever, and Idaho, yea it is going to LOVE you. We will write you letters like it is our job! And when you come back we will cheer for you during your footballs games, even if SkyeLyn is old and married. Thank you for being so great, and for being a part of our lives. WE LOVE YOU J-SPUD!
 And so that is the story of how I made it through my first semester of college, and how it was the greatest semester I could possibly ask for. It was seriously the best time ever, and I looooove college oh so much. Can't wait for the next semester! AND so now I am home, and it feels sooo good to be back!
 Me and Alee are kinda cute. And we are the best sisters ever!
 We did the creep on Gracie.
 And we did this fine pose, whatever it is.
So Christmas break, lest have the best times, and then I will go back up to Utah and write some missionaries, and take chemistry, and have a grand old second semester of college.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Come At Me Finals

 Sometimes when my roommates and I study too much, we go a little crazy. But only a little! So we were so darn tired of studying that we decided to build a blanket fort. It is pretty amazing, and me and Rachel E. have been sleeping in it every night! Just for good measure.
 Here is the inside. Please note our cool lighting. We are very proud of it.
 Rach and I wore wolf shirts. Yea, yea, I know how cool we are!
 Rachel E. and I then did some major facebook hacking to Rachel W and SkyeLyn. SHOW ME MORE SKIN- said skyelyn ;)
 Rachel W. was dancing for I said we go only a litttttle crazy during finals!
Annnnnd I recently discovered that you can get free taco bell cause in the cougar eat, and you can get as much as you want! So I literally just opened my backpacked and put hand fulls of sauce in it. I worship taco bell sauce and eat it by the gallon. :) That is how strong my love is. And I only have one more final! OH HAPPY DAY! I can do it dangit! I believe in myself!

Monday, December 10, 2012

College is the Life for ME!

 1217 came over and kidnapped SkyeLyn. Like they literally tied her up, put a pillow case over her head and held her for ransom. So we created this strange assortment of stuff so we could get her back. And yes we did put toothpaste in the oreos :)
 On Thursday we were sitting on our couch and then we were over come with hunger and we had no food of course, so we went on a much needed in-n-out run.
 I am just in a dorm with extremely talented people. Like seriously. Rachel plays the piano. SkyeLyn plays the piano and the guitar. Kendra plays the guitar. And Rachel W. sings like a beast! I love to just have them sing and play for me, it is the best ever! And so we were dancing around in the practice room while these lovely ladies did their thang. And those are moments when I am the happiest. And P.S. Rachel W. sang a solo in church on Sunday and it was completely amazing!
 On Friday Bishop had an open house at his casa. It was soooo much fun! Seriously, it was the best ever. A ton of kids hanging out together at the Bishops? How does that not say fun? And I hope you enjoy us riding on his giant rocking horse, cause I definitely enjoyed it.
 Ok lets real for about 5 seconds. This is the funniest Christmas card ever made in the history of man! It gets me every time! (wish your ward was as cool as mine don't you!?) These three boys just make my days full of joy :) and tons of laughter.
 On Saturday we went to temple square. These three kids enjoy me soooooo much!
 It was snowing hard the whole time. But it was so beautiful. And lets not even go into how we almost died on the way home. Driving in the snow is now a NO GO for me!
 Me and Stace made nutella filled cookies for our visiting teaching girls. And might I say that we have got it going on! Seriously, these cookies are the best things ever. And I love Stacey, she makes me so happy. Then Mikayla gave me more cookies, and Jeremy gave me even more cookies :) I am not complaining!
 Classy Kyles dorm has some pretty sweet Texas lights up! They are kinda amazing :)
Ohhhh and lets not forget about 1217's box fort. These kids are pretty much the coolest, and we LOVE to hang out with them! And lets not forget about unitedstatesofamericaleisha...never gets old!
And so it was an amazing week. And it was our last Sunday as a ward :( I think I might cry alot. But first I will get through finals. Then I will party hard, and will write all these kids on missions, and I will not say goodbye. I'll say see ya latter, cause it is never goodbye :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ohhhhhh Tuesday

Today I did my laundry. I listened to some benton paul/one direction/hunter hayes. I wrote my seester a birthday note. I wore my mustache shirt today because I felt like walking around with a dang mustache on my shirt! I ate some leftovers from our grand sunday dinner. I talked to Rach and laughed a little. I talked to SkyeLyn and she told me how cute I am. Why did I get such dang great roommates? I am trying to dig really really deep so that I can find some motivation to re-write my opinion editorial. I am going to go to nutrition at 3, and dangit I will have a good attitude about it! School is such a struggle right now, but I will be so much happier if I just get all this crap done with! So lets do this.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week Wrap Up

 On Monday we had FHE and we played rock band. It was fun times. ROCK LOBSTER!
 On Tuesday Jeremy and I had our date. It was oh so much fun! Then on Wednesday Hailey and I went and donated money and got a piece of the largest cougars tail. It was delish.
 On Thursday my parents came in town!!!!!! It was so good to see them! We went to the creamery, went shopping, went out to eat, went to divine comedy (so freaking hilarious!), and we went to go see Sam in Christmas Around The World. All in all it was a great weekend with them.
 On Friday night 1217 had one of their famous black light parties. Ok, lets be real for a second, I honestly do not think that I have ever danced that hard in my life! It was insane how many people were crammed into that room, and it was the funnest time ever! Love those boys for doing those parties. And I will never forget that they are 1217 and they only party to one song--My Humps! haha love those kids!
 So our ward has been on a pranking high. It has been fun times indeed. But some people try to break into rooms by doing the hanger trick.....well our FHE boys think they are so clever and they boxed up their door handle :)
Well this brings us to good old Sunday. Me and my roommates are being ALL domestic today. We made all of these chocolate covered pretzels for sweet swap. We are also making us a grand Sunday dinner. And yea we are feeling really proud of ourselves!
Well it was an awesome week, filled with oh so much fun. Bring on the last week of classes! SO EXCITED!