Monday, July 29, 2013

Sister Weekend/ONE DIRECTION!!!

This weekend my sister came into town and we did the following:
Saw the lone ranger (so good, and he is so freaking hot), went to the hot springs, went to 7 peaks, ate at café rio......twice, the brick oven (with the grandparents), in-n-out, and the sweet tooth fairy, we hung out with Rachel and Mandie and had a sleepover with them and the sisters, and then we did the most important thing of our lives and we went to the ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!!
Now I won't even go into how amazing and life changing this was for us. All you need to know is we were on row 10, and all our dreams came true at this concert. Like seriously, haters to the left cause 1D is perfect, and they are the same cute, funny, amazing people that you see in their videos and stuff. Like why can I not have one of my very own Harry Styles to hold hands with 24/7? Sometimes the world is unfair. But oh well, seeing them in person was good enough! We love you one direction, and we solemnly swear to be devoted fans till we hit the grave. #onedirectionforever
These 5 men are the raddest in the whole wide world.
 Come on...ROW 10! Get out of here!
 Try not to cry at the sight of these dream boats.
 Gosh we were close to them. SERIOUSLY BEST NIGHT EVER!
 Me and the sister will never forget this night, don't you worry!
Just your typical Harry Styles blowing us a kiss. It's kinda a huge deal.
And that's a wrap of the best day of our lives. And the grandest sister weekend in the history of sister weekends.

Monday, July 22, 2013


So here is one of my weaker moments when yes, I am going to blog about food because food is my favorite. And sometimes I like to take dang pictures of what I eat, as mainstream as that is. And sometimes I know I will want to look back on this an say ahhh yes I did eat that. (totally kidding) But anyways, here we go...
 I finally tried the famous all you can eat kneaders French toast. It was a little piece of heaven and I think it lived up to all it's glory. Way to go breakfast. Your the bomb.
 Before the spring crew left we went and got tacos in downtown Provo. Mexican food is my best friend. I would take a bullet for it. And Utah, even though you are not El Paso, you can still produce some authenticity every now and again.
And then I felt all domestic cause I made myself a Swedish pancake. This is the THE easiest thing to make in the whole wide world, and it's deffs a fave. I'm sure my future husband will love me and my ability to cook. But ya know, it's whatever.
So there is plug on food right now, and I don't even feel super lame about posting this. Cause seriously food rocks. So eat your heart out, and then go running like Brooklyn and I have to do to keep these bodies looking fine. #happyfoodday

Friday, July 19, 2013

A week in the life of Sara

 I came across this scene one morning, driving home from work. It made me get the stupidest smile on my face, and then I sat there and wondered what it would be like to float in one of those. Add that to the bucket list? And add this to the "reasons why I dig Provo" list.
 You can find out real fast that it doesn't take a lot to please me. I was driving the other day just around town and I came upon this. I wanted to burst out in God Bless America and then I wished it was Olympic season dangit.
Every week I hang out with my besties at LEAST once a week! I am soooo glad my cousins live in Utah  now, I would die without them here!
 So this week we decided to hike up to Bridal Veil falls. It was dang pretty up there, and that waterfall provided some cool mist that I thoroughly enjoyed! (p.s. I know I've said this before but this is where the parentals got engaged. Sigh. So romantic)
 This week our AC has been out. Shoot my in the face now. These fans have become my best friends, and I made a vow I would never live in Belmont again after this summer. But hey on the bright side guess who got to stay with me this week!? Elise freaking Machen. She was up here for track camp and she needed a place to stay and so with willing open arms I took her in. And thank goodness too, cause Brooklyn has been out of town and so I think I would have died of boredom without this lady. Seriously thanks for staying with me, you rock my socks.
And I went on a tour this week of the dental school I want to go to, and I have to start applying soon. And so now this is what is included in my leisurely summer reading. So exciting right?
I love teeth. Lets just leave it at that.
*And there are exactly 3 days until I get a phone call from Whit. Then she leaves for Guat!.
There are 5 more days until my sister comes into town!
And there are 6 more days until the One Direction concert!!
This upcoming week might be the greatest ever. I can't even contain all this excitement.*
And that would be a wrap of this fine week of my life. Let's have a killer weekend.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Today was a temple kind of day. It was a country music, letter writing kind of day. It was a day that made me go out and look at how drop dead gorgeous Utah is. It was an I'll probably go to In-n-out for dinner cause I need a good burger ASAP and I don't feel like cooking kind of day. Sometimes I like to have nothing on the schedule, and just do whatever I want to do. Today was a good day. I like days like today.
P.S. Isn't the ^Draper temple^ to die for? It is one of my favorites up here in Utah. This place makes me oh so happy! Draper for the WIN!

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Birth Land

We visited Salt Lake this weekend. I love this place so much. Temple square puts the best name on slc. Utah you produce some dang great places!
And after, we hit up City Creek  and then we went to Kaysville and met up with one of Rachel's mission leaders, and his family just happens to own a popcorn shop and a movie theater, so he gave us the VIP tour. I now know what it's like behind the senses in a movie theater. And it's rad, ok well it's actually not all that neat, but hey now I can say I've been behind the glass with those big old projectors. And my favorite part of our tour was the popcorn shop. Obvi. I mean food+me=love. So we learned how they make all their popcorn and all their flavors. And oh my gosh, if you are ever in Kaysville swing by and grab a bag of rocky road popcorn. It will change your life for the better, I swear! Well Rachel, you did well with the hookup my friend. It was one terrific weekend!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Vacation Part III?

So I don't technically call this a vacation cause I was still in Utah, but hey it counts all the same right? So my mom's side of the family came into town for their family reunion. And it was no big deal or anything but we went and stayed in a mansion up in Midway. Seriously this place was crazy, there was an indoor pool, outdoor fire pits, indoor basketball court, movie theater, like three dinning rooms, infinity bedroom (I could never find mine!) and a view to die for. It was the best, and it was great to hang out with the fam, they are pretty swell.
 ^^^I am a sucker for mountains and foresty views.^^^
 ^^^We made a pit stop on our way up at Sundance. I quite enjoy that place, it's oh so peaceful.^^^
 ^^^My sisters are kinda the greatest on the earth. So glad I have them forever!^^^
 ^^^Oh! We also made a another pit stop on the way up to Bridal Veil Falls. And the parents got engaged here....they are the cutest. This dang waterfall is where it all began!^^^
 ^^^Yea this fam is pretty alright.^^^
^^^And our attempt at a funny picture really isn't that funny at all. Nice try guys, nice try.^^^
Well it was a good one Midway! Thanks for your endless supply of fun you gave this family of mine. Until next time :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Vaca Part II

So after Stace and I said our goodbyes (to now Elder Perez!) we drove to Lake Powell. Now let me just say if you have never been to LP, go. Like now. It is possibly the greatest place on the planet! It also might help that my whole Washburn family goes and we have the absolute best time ever together, but ya know still go. It's the best. And so now through a story of pictures this is how Lake Powell went down:
See you in two Elder A-a-ron! We miss you already :(
Sportin' our fine California wear first day on the lake! And isn't that water just to die for??
 The sand dune hike is the hike if the devil. But we do it every year....cause we can? I don't know, I am still trying to figure that one out. But this picture does not even do this view justice.
 These kids make my life complete. Bet you wish your cousins were as cool as mine huh?
My twins :) Love them to pieces! And I am so proud of these girls for both getting their mission calls to MEXICO!!!! Va a ser fantastico, no!?

 Seriously family is the best thing that ever did happen to me.
MANY trips to RD's was made, and yes those are baby cones. Thank you RD's for providing us with the best top notch crappy fast food out there. I salute you.

 Surfing and wake boarding=life.
I wish I could live on this lake a wakeboard every dang day.
Yes, if I had three wishes, that would be one of them.
 I cry one single tear waking up every morning to this.
Then I go eat one of Aunt Ann's cinnamon rolls, and another tear just might escape.
 Getting some air on that knee board!!! Does this make me cool?
 I think Kate makes this picture complete.....And ummmm house boats for lyyyyfe.
Powell, let's be best friends forever, OK?
And seriously, that is a wrap of the greatest summer vacation ever.
Stace dawg, I am so glad we got to go on this dream vaca of ours.
Summer, you rock, stay classy!

Friday, July 5, 2013


I think I spend the 4th of July with these girls every year, and I am so glad that this year was no different!
The 4th of July is kinda my favorite holiday ever. I mean who wouldn't love a holiday where you get to have a bbq and watch fireworks and celebrate the coolest country out there? America is the bomb, and I am so glad I get to live here with my family and have the freedoms that I have.
America, you rock, stay sweet!