Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Vaca Part II

So after Stace and I said our goodbyes (to now Elder Perez!) we drove to Lake Powell. Now let me just say if you have never been to LP, go. Like now. It is possibly the greatest place on the planet! It also might help that my whole Washburn family goes and we have the absolute best time ever together, but ya know still go. It's the best. And so now through a story of pictures this is how Lake Powell went down:
See you in two Elder A-a-ron! We miss you already :(
Sportin' our fine California wear first day on the lake! And isn't that water just to die for??
 The sand dune hike is the hike if the devil. But we do it every year....cause we can? I don't know, I am still trying to figure that one out. But this picture does not even do this view justice.
 These kids make my life complete. Bet you wish your cousins were as cool as mine huh?
My twins :) Love them to pieces! And I am so proud of these girls for both getting their mission calls to MEXICO!!!! Va a ser fantastico, no!?

 Seriously though.....my family is the best thing that ever did happen to me.
MANY trips to RD's was made, and yes those are baby cones. Thank you RD's for providing us with the best top notch crappy fast food out there. I salute you.

 Surfing and wake boarding=life.
I wish I could live on this lake a wakeboard every dang day.
Yes, if I had three wishes, that would be one of them.
 I cry one single tear waking up every morning to this.
Then I go eat one of Aunt Ann's cinnamon rolls, and another tear just might escape.
 Getting some air on that knee board!!! Does this make me cool?
 I think Kate makes this picture complete.....And ummmm house boats for lyyyyfe.
Powell, let's be best friends forever, OK?
And seriously, that is a wrap of the greatest summer vacation ever.
Stace dawg, I am so glad we got to go on this dream vaca of ours.
Summer, you rock, stay classy!

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