Friday, July 19, 2013

A week in the life of Sara

 I came across this scene one morning, driving home from work. It made me get the stupidest smile on my face, and then I sat there and wondered what it would be like to float in one of those. Add that to the bucket list? And add this to the "reasons why I dig Provo" list.
 You can find out real fast that it doesn't take a lot to please me. I was driving the other day just around town and I came upon this. I wanted to burst out in God Bless America and then I wished it was Olympic season dangit.
Every week I hang out with my besties at LEAST once a week! I am soooo glad my cousins live in Utah  now, I would die without them here!
 So this week we decided to hike up to Bridal Veil falls. It was dang pretty up there, and that waterfall provided some cool mist that I thoroughly enjoyed! (p.s. I know I've said this before but this is where the parentals got engaged. Sigh. So romantic)
 This week our AC has been out. Shoot my in the face now. These fans have become my best friends, and I made a vow I would never live in Belmont again after this summer. But hey on the bright side guess who got to stay with me this week!? Elise freaking Machen. She was up here for track camp and she needed a place to stay and so with willing open arms I took her in. And thank goodness too, cause Brooklyn has been out of town and so I think I would have died of boredom without this lady. Seriously thanks for staying with me, you rock my socks.
And I went on a tour this week of the dental school I want to go to, and I have to start applying soon. And so now this is what is included in my leisurely summer reading. So exciting right?
I love teeth. Lets just leave it at that.
*And there are exactly 3 days until I get a phone call from Whit. Then she leaves for Guat!.
There are 5 more days until my sister comes into town!
And there are 6 more days until the One Direction concert!!
This upcoming week might be the greatest ever. I can't even contain all this excitement.*
And that would be a wrap of this fine week of my life. Let's have a killer weekend.

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