Monday, June 23, 2014

Texas is my boyfriend

I just got home from my first vacation of the summer to Texas. I was beyond thrilled to be able to go home even if was only for 5 days. Texas is one of my very happiest places ever. It's where I get to drive my truck. It's where I have to wake up and be at family soccer practice at 8 am, and it's so hot outside already you just want to kill yourself but it feels soooo good. Also I know I'm a crappy soccer player, but come on, playing against my dad takes away any pride I ever had....that man! It's where the real deal Mexican food is at. I die every time I eat those darn tacos. It's where Fort Bliss is, and it's where seeing soldiers in uniform is the total norm. I love that a lot about that city. My American pride shines though hard because of that, and it's taught me to REALLY appreciate what our soldiers do for us. It's where you are driving on the freeway and you get a mini heart attack cause if you take one wrong merge you end up in Mexico and that's just a whole other problem. It's the place where the people are so nice. I miss that every day. Southern courtesy is so real and it amazes me how down to earth the people are there. It's where the summer nights are killer, and night swimming is a must. It's where blue bell ice cream is, and blue bell is the only ice cream that really gets it. It's where 100 degrees is the usual. It's where my best friend lives, and I love how she's there every time I go back. It's where my family is. It's where I grew up, it's what taught me everything. It's so good. It's my favorite and seriously #texasforever cause that state is my best forever and ever.
^When you get into Texas the first meal you should ever eat is Taco Cabana. No exceptions.^

^Heart eyes, heart eyes, heart eyes for my pool!^

 ^Blue Bell. The ice cream that really understands the human mind. Yes, we do want a greater cookie dough to ice cream ratio, and that's what they give you. As it should be.^
^This view from swinging in our hammock is reaaaaaal good.^

^Gracie and I ate every meal outside on our picnic table. I need to own one of these ASAP.^

 ^Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.^
 ^I miss this cutest face every day at college.^
 ^Summer nights in Texas are too perfect. I miss everything about them.^
 ^These trees are my favorite. Ever.^
^Texas is where my sisters are=my favorite place.^
^This state man....go visit. You won't regret one second of it.^

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Donut Day

It was National Donut Day last Friday. We decided to get as many free donuts as we could from Krispy Kreme, so we went three times, each time in a different car, each time we got different donuts, and they never even caught us. Best day ever.