Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

So all of my dreams came true and I got to go to the festival of colors! Besides getting chalk smashed in my eyes, this was so much fun! Seriously, cross this off of the bucket list, but I will totally do it again, because come on, its rockin.
We also helped out at Rachel's BYU alumni traditions ball. She looked breathtaking, and I am so glad I got help out. I meet so many cute and super nice people!
Well Happy Easter from your favorite dorm! #1103
We colored eggs and it was a blast getting our child on!
Annnnnd then we went to dinner at the grandparents/erica&gordons house. We got to eat REAL FOOD, and it was a beautiful thing! Also can I please give out the best grandma award to the one and the only: Jill Lundgren. This woman is my hero and I want to be just like her when I grow up!
Also I am so thankful for Easter this year. This was the shining year for me when I finally learned about and appreciated this holiday. I felt so close to my Savior today, and I am so thankful for days like this. Things are looking up, and while some things may not being going the way I would like, or some things are really pulling my to my limits, I know that Christ is there for me ALWAYS. I know that I have a father in heaven that knows everything about me and loves my unconditionally. I know that He has a plan for me, and I know that I need to trust in that plan 100%. I am so thankful for all of the incredible blessing I have in my life. I am so happy to be up here at BYU, and I know that I am meeting all of the incredible humans I am for a reason. I am so happy that I have the knowledge of the gospel in my life. It makes me so confident, and so so happy! I am so thankful for the sacrifice Jesus made for me, and I am especially thankful for this day in my life. This is the day where I felt an incredibly special connection to my Savior, and I could not be more happy :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

From a High to a Low

Rachel and I went to the Jordan River temple on Tuesday. And this trip was so bittersweet! Rachel is getting her endowments out today, so this was the last trip we made together before this girl is endowed! It still gets to me sometimes how much everyone is growing up. Everyone is going to the temple and leaving on their missions. I am so proud of all of these kids, and I look up to all of you so much! P.S. shout out to Aubrey and Emily for getting their mission calls on wed! Brazil and New York, New York! <3 You girls are my heroes.

On Wednesday it was my big sisters birthday! This girl is 21 now! Ummmm when did we grow up? It was just yesterday when we were laying in our beds with curlers listening to our dad tell us bedtime stories. And now she is going on a mission and I will still be hitting college hard. I can't believe how time can go by so fast, but I am so thankful to have a sister like you to do everything with. You will always be the girl that I look up to and want to be just like. Love you sister!

And then on Thursday things got bad. I am a generally easy going person, and I don't let a lot of things bother me or get me down, but holy cuss, on Thursday it was like everything that could go bad did go bad. Our contract fell through for the fall because the church bought those apartments to house missionaries, so we had to go and find a whole new place to live. School was getting overwhelming and I didn't do very good on a test that I had. And then there was so much stinking roommate drama, that I had had enough. And that is when I figured out the cure for an incredibly crappy day.
1. I called my mom
2. I texted my best friend and she just talked to me, and we shared how our days had been really crappy. And for some reason, sharing those feelings with someone else who had a bad day really helps. Also I texted Erik Harris. He told me a hilarious joke, and then asked if he could do anything for me. Just the pure act of caring made me feel so much better.
3. I went to a service project to help at a special needs mutual, and oh my gosh, I had the best time ever. The kids there made me so happy. Whit and I just sat and listened to them and got some good stories!
4. On the way to the service project Rachel and I rode with, Austin, Carlie, and Charlotte. Best car ride ever. Austin Mcstraw, you make me laugh so much and you always make everything better. And thanks for making me try a spicy mcchicken, you know whats up!
So in conclusion: you call your mom, text your best friends, serve others, and get out of the dorm and do something with friends. This can make any horribly horrific day so much better. And today everything just seemed to fall into place. So thanks people, thanks for taking my day and making it so good. I admire each and every one of you :)
And doesn't Rachel's face in this picture just make you want to die?! I love this girl, and I think we can all see why ;)

Monday, March 25, 2013

It was a mac n' cheese kind of day

fun facts:
my favorite food=mac n cheese (& tacos). but who has time to make tacos? not me! i can seriously eat mac n cheese every day and never get sick of it. and i love to just dump pepper on my mac n cheese. it. is. so. good. you can win my heart by making me some good mac :)
also i love the color yellow. when i grow up and have my own house i want a yellow couch so bad. its like my dream.
my favorite season is summer. hands down. i love being hot & hate being cold.
i am still to this day in love with hilary duff and aly&aj's cds. my childhood is still strongly built in these bones.
it is my dream to go to italy or london.
and last but not least, i have always wished my name was scarlet. but sara is fine too :) ill just name my child my dream name.
the end.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some March Lovin'

^^^So this week:^^^
1. We saran wrapped SkyeLyn and took her around to different dorms and just left her on their doorsteps. It was hilarious to say the least, and I know that this might sound lame, but we are bored college kids. And sometimes when Erik comes over to use our oven and he gives us the idea, we just run with it.
2. We had a major cleaning day and now our apartment doesn't look like crap anymore!
3. I went to multiple PDBio reviews.
4. For our temple trip this week we went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple. This temple is so great!
5. We had a girls night and painted our nails/watched Cinderella story/did face masks.
6. We went with Will and Sterling and got huge bags of Krispy Kremes from the dumpster. Those kids are a riot!
7. Devin wins nicest person ever award because on Friday he came over, baked me cookies, popcorn, and brought me hot tamales, and had me start on the Lord of the Rings movies. This kid is a champ! You make me smile Devin. thanks for being so cool.
8. For Rachel's Birthday we attempted to go to the hot springs. But since we are scared of bears, and hate the cold, we just ended up going to Arctic Circle and getting milkshakes, but hey it was an adventure to be had.
9. Rachel and I missed our 5K because it was snowing on Saturday morning! I have never hated Utah more.....
10. And pictured above are some of my favorite snap chats from the past couple of days. Hey guys, lets be friends forever because you all make my life so happy.  

Thursday, March 21, 2013

And Today This Weirdo Was Born Into The World

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL ANN EASTER!!!! Every day that I wake up in the morning, I think to myself man I am so glad that we were born one month and one day apart, and then I think man I was fortunate to get you as roommate. I mean come on, God knew what he was doing when he gave you to me. I would not be same without you, and my college days deffs would not have been as crazy fun as they have been! You make me laugh and laugh and laugh. You tell me I am hot. You let me slap your butt at least once a day. You make me do crazy things, which I LOVE! You have almost every class with me, and I still never get tired of you. You bring me ice cream, and even pizza <3. Gosh you are my bestie for life, and I hope you know that you rock my world. And I mean it to. The day you leave for your mission I will cry my eyes out, but ya know what? I will be your proudest supporter along the way. I hope you know how much I love and adore you. Thank you for being such a Beast, and for being there for me every single day. I love you Rachie. Here is to the future together :) Weddings and hot soccer daddies here we come!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Come Back To ME!

On Saturday Rachel and I went on a much needed temple trip. We made it our goal to visit as many temples near Provo, so we started off with the gorgeous Mt. Timpanogos temple. We kinda totally love this temple, and it was so fun to go to it for the first time. We love you Utah, and all of your bounteous temples for us to visit :)
Also on Saturday we participated in the ward shaving cream fight. It was a blast, but people were really into shoving cream all up in my face. Even when we were trying to take this dang this picture someone just shoved a mother load in my face. So if you look realllllllly hard you will see I am the girl in the red shorts with her hands on her face because someone just plastered me. But even though I got insane amounts of shaving cream in my nose, and so much in my ears so I couldn't even hear, I recommend everyone to do this once in their life, because it is super great!

Alright to end our Saturday with a bang we went to 1217's final black light dance party. Ok this one got freaking INSANE. I have never gotten pushed into a mosh and hated my life so much. I got nailed in the eye, scratched on the arm, smashed in the nose, and I almost lost my shoes multiple times. But other than all that nonsense, this party was way fun, and I am totally going to miss those boys and the crazy fun parties they throw. You guys rock my world! P.S. Thanks Emily for doing our super fly eye designs! You are just a creative beast!

Well today Erik and Jamon came over for our fine Sunday dinner. Lucy made us corn beef, and it was super delish. And I hope we can all appreciate Erik in his cute apron. He was so thrilled to be wearing it! Look at that smile!

Ok, funniest thing ever. Jamon was describing to us how he held Ashley's hand the other day, and so him and Erik were acting it out for us. And I think that nothing else needs to be said, because just look at that picture. Those be some fine boys! You all can come over any time because we love you guys oh so much :)
And since we are super poor college kids, this is how we celebrated today. And we felt real cool cause we even dyed our milk green. And those were some good tasting lucky charms ;) So Happy St. Patricks Day. May all your dreams come true!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Rachel, Lucy, and I creamery-ed it up today due to boy drama. So we thought we needed a little ice cream :) It was muy delish.
I started reading this book for psychology and it is already inspiring!
And today was extra awesome because it was SO WARM! It was so beautiful outside so we all took our homework and our blankets and we just laid in sun, and it was a beautiful thing. Thank goodness it is warming up because I was getting sick of the snow. I could not be more excited for spring! Here we go!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bachelor Parties and Taco Bell

 TEAMMMMMMM CATHERINE! When Sean sent home Lindsey, as sad as it was, we were all having a little party! We wanted Catherine to win so bad, and ummmm she totally did! Seriously thought, look at those two together. And come on! Their engagement was precious and gave us goosebumps all over. Oh bachelor, we love you so much, and we are mourning the end of your season!
And 1101: We loooooved watching the bachelor with you, and having our finale party together was perfect. And I am so glad we ate all that popcorn ;)
 After the bachelor we FINALLY went and got the new cool ranch tacos at taco bell. Holy cuss. These things are so good. Like 10 times better than the Doritos ones. Everyone should go eat one of them, and have their heart smile a little bit.
And thanks for going to taco bell with us Chris. You are the funniest ever. And thank you so much for fist pounding me, it was about dang time!

And look what I found on Spencer's dorm door. It was possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen. #texasforever

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Live For Weekends

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! These two little girls look up to you so much. You rock our worlds. We love you!
Rachel and I went hiking because that is our favorite thing to do. But of course Utah snow never melts so we just kinda went on our own little adventure at the mouth of the mountain so we didn't have to deal with wet feet. So we found this cave and it was so cute (if a cave can even be called cute?) but it was super cool. And we are going to go back and paint our names in it. It will be grand. Oh and we saw some crazy people slack lining at the tops of the mountains. They are insane! And we met some hot guys, so it was a very fulfilling "hiking" trip. ;)

Saturday night brought us to the Heritage invitational. All I can say is we ate so many meatballs, and so much cotton candy. And we got a super cool picture drawn of us. It was really cute. And then we danced like there was no tomorrow, but we kinda always do that :) I just really love BYU. It makes me so happy here.
And everyone should go to the BYU creamery and get their pepper fries. They are to die for!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Two down, a million to go!

Well Aimee went into the MTC today! And that means that these two beautiful ladies are now both on their missions! I am so proud of them for serving. They really truly are my heroes, and I look up to them both so much. I can honestly say that I have one of the best families in the whole wide world. Us cousins have a bond that amazes me sometimes. We are all best friends, and we are such an important part of each others lives. Every time I read one of Rachel's mission emails it makes me so happy to see how much she is growing and progressing. Saying goodbye to Aimee today was hard, but I know that she will do amazing things. And she is going to be learning Korean, and that right there shows a true mark of a dedicated human being! So here are to my two fine ladies, who are going out there and changing a little bit of the world, and here are to the rest of them that are going to go out there. You all are my heroes. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Just life

This past week I pretty much had all of my midterms, AND I KICKED THEIR TRASH! Seriously, I don't like to brag, but come on....I got a 101 on my PDBio test and it was a hard test! And I also got a 100 on my psych test, so WORD! I guess I don't really hate you right now school :)

On Saturday our ward rented out Solider Hollows and we went tubing. It was My ward is simply amazing and I love them all. They make things like this 10x more enjoyable! And going down the hills with our huge groups was killer fun. Oh and we won ice cream cause we raced Brooke, Austin, Derek, and Carly and we totally won ;) And a special congrats to Austin for getting his mission call to Brazil, I am so proud of you!

My sisters sent me a picture of them making cake pops. Man I miss and love these girls so much <3

Then I took a super hot picture of my roommates. I loveth you all oh so much and I am so thankful to have you all in my life. Love you guys to pieces and thanks for being my best friends. You all are kinda rad.