Monday, March 25, 2013

It was a mac n' cheese kind of day

fun facts:
my favorite food=mac n cheese (& tacos). but who has time to make tacos? not me! i can seriously eat mac n cheese every day and never get sick of it. and i love to just dump pepper on my mac n cheese. it. is. so. good. you can win my heart by making me some good mac :)
also i love the color yellow. when i grow up and have my own house i want a yellow couch so bad. its like my dream.
my favorite season is summer. hands down. i love being hot & hate being cold.
i am still to this day in love with hilary duff and aly&aj's cds. my childhood is still strongly built in these bones.
it is my dream to go to italy or london.
and last but not least, i have always wished my name was scarlet. but sara is fine too :) ill just name my child my dream name.
the end.

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