Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Live For Weekends

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! These two little girls look up to you so much. You rock our worlds. We love you!
Rachel and I went hiking because that is our favorite thing to do. But of course Utah snow never melts so we just kinda went on our own little adventure at the mouth of the mountain so we didn't have to deal with wet feet. So we found this cave and it was so cute (if a cave can even be called cute?) but it was super cool. And we are going to go back and paint our names in it. It will be grand. Oh and we saw some crazy people slack lining at the tops of the mountains. They are insane! And we met some hot guys, so it was a very fulfilling "hiking" trip. ;)

Saturday night brought us to the Heritage invitational. All I can say is we ate so many meatballs, and so much cotton candy. And we got a super cool picture drawn of us. It was really cute. And then we danced like there was no tomorrow, but we kinda always do that :) I just really love BYU. It makes me so happy here.
And everyone should go to the BYU creamery and get their pepper fries. They are to die for!

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