Thursday, May 29, 2014

Catch up

And lately I've been doing nothing and everything, so here is a list of all that stuff, cause I'm pretty good at writing lists:
1. Packages from my mom and sisters
2. Lunch dates
3. The donut truck/donuts in general
4. 7 peaks
5. Temple trips
6. Reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. It's easier than you'd think!
7. Ice cream is not my fav, but Cinnamon buns ice cream from Ben&Jerry's, thank me latter
8. I finished my dental packet and turned it in!
9. I played soccer for the first time in forever. It felt gooood. I also need a coach to help me beat my 9 year old sister....
10. The bachelorette
11. Ward softball games. We are the best cheerleaders ever. And I hate how competitive I am
12. Anything and everything mango flavored
13. Lots of letters from my two bests, Whit/Stace
14. I get to go HOME!!! It's only for 5 days, but I don't even care. I love you Texas!
And now pictures:
^Seriously guys.^

 ^Our new ward is way cool. They support us in our main cheer roles on the team, and still let us eat hot dogs with them after.^
^I cannot and will not ever get over this view. I mean come on, the church is so true, it's not even funny.^

Monday, May 12, 2014


And Lately:
+Hailey got married!!! It's all parts exciting/totally weird!
+Hunter Hayes new CD
+I moved! And I couldn't be more in love with where I am at. My ward is killing it, and we've only been here for two weeks
+I love my job. The girls I work with are so fun!
+I'm about to jump into a whole lot of dental shadowing hours
+I bought my plane tickets to California and New York. Come faster vacations!
+Mothers Day/thanks mom for being my favorite human in this whole world/we got to talk to our missionary
+Brooklyn came to visit us! I may have cried when she left :(
+Missionary emails
+I've loved/hated having nothing to do. I'm so excited summer is here!
 ^^^Our, "we can't believe Hailey is married" faces.^^^
^^^This happened and it was magical. Mac n cheese through and through!^^^

 ^^^Real talk, best Cinco de Mayo eva. It's been far too long since I've been to a party where Juanes is playing, and it made my whole life complete. Also my whole ward is obsessed with Nacho Libre and so I'm basically in love.^^^
 ^^^Brooklyn being here for the past week was heaven. Come back and visit us B, we miss you a lot and need more late night laughs with you.^^^
^^^Gracie's face....she's cute. But really, these women are everything to me. And I can't wait till Sam comes home. We can finally be complete again.^^^