Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We Eat Breakfast For Dinner

Today we made ourselves some breakfast for dinner. I was so good. I mean come on, breakfast is the best meal ever invented.
And I signed up for housing for spring semester and I am living with the beautiful and totally rad Stacey B! I am so excited to live with this girl!
I am still getting birthday letters, and they totally make my day :)
I am supposed to be studying for a Book of Mormon test I have......I just really don't have any motivation.
But good news! It is supposed to be 45 degrees on Saturday! I know I know, it is getting HOT here ;)
And I am currently obsessed with New Girl. That show is prime!
And that would be it for now, stay classy.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

And then I was 19

 Well I am officially 19! And when I woke up yesterday there were balloons all over my floor with little notes in them from all of the cool kids in this world. Seriously those things were gold! My ward is totally amazing and I have such great friends, they make me feel so cool :) And shout out to my roommates for doing this for me, y'all are the bomb.
Ok so Rachel and I went shopping the other weekend with 1101, and we found these sa-weet wolf shirts at cotton on, and yes they were on SALE! So Rachel bought me one for my birthday, and we wore them on that momentous day, cause what is a birthday without a good solid wolf shirt? Oh and Emily Livingston (hottie in the picture to the right) is my new hero. She gave me the cutest yellow watch and all I have to say is.! You kinda rock my world, I am so glad we are friends!
For my birthday dinner I wanted to go to the Awful Waffle because that place is absolutely amazing. That place is more of an addiction now. But after we ate our waffles, I was feeling a little crazy and I wanted a taco. But I just didn't want any old taco, I wanted the best real Mexican taco I could find. So I found the crappiest mexican restaurant I could ( cause those always have the best food) and I did it! I found some real good mexican food in Provo. My life is complete now.
And this sign was hanging on the wall. I think these are true words of Wisdom!
Oh hey look! It's my best friend. I loved getting her birthday phone call <3 Summer can't come soon enough, so I can see her face in person, and we can swim every day together! Thanks for being so awesome and always always being there for me. I love ju.
So Daniel brought over some ice cream for my birthday......and when we added it to our collection we realized that we have issues. And the funny part is, none of it is even kissing ice cream. So yes you could just call us fatttttttttties.
My sister gave me earrings and cupcakes for my birthday. Happy day! Cupcakes are my freaking favorite in the whole wide world. I love my sister, and I am so glad we are at college together! It makes life very enjoyable :)
And Devin gave me this........and inside were 3 boxes of hot tamales. That's right people, THREE BOXES! It was the greatest ever! And thanks to 1102 for letting us go over and play just dance with you guys. That was the perfect ending to my grand day. You guys will always be my favs. Always.
And so that was the day I turned 19. And now I only have one more year as a teenager and then I will be 20. Oh dear, that will be a weird year for me. 18, you were so much fun, and I can't wait to see what 19 has in store for me :) And a huge thanks to everyone for making my birthday so wonderful. College is an amazing place, and EVERYONE here made my birthday totally rock. So thanks guys, you make my life complete <3
P.S. If you ever have to take a test in the testing center on your birthday, you will get a free birthday pencil from them, and that's kind of a big deal. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Birthday Eve!

  Oh hey look! So today I just hung out with Ed Sheeran. It's kind of whatever :)
 And Kendra even made me birthday muffins since she won't be here tomorrow. Now this is an act of kindness that I LOVE.
 My mother sent me a birthday package, and might I just say that I totally love packages. They are the greatest evvvvvver.
And we got two missionary letters :) You could say we were very very happy! We love our missionaries! Oh and p.s. 1104 had us over for dinner. Yea those girls are the best in the whole world! And now I have a PDBio review and then SkyeLyn's soccer game. And that would be a wrap of a very good and very fulfilling birthday eve.

Monday, February 18, 2013

And let us thank the presidents that we don't have school

Happy Presidents Day!
Today I slept in.
I read The Importance of Being Earnest.
I talked to my Katherine Nielson.
I had Kendra pick out her fonts for her wedding banner.
We went hiking in rock canyon and it was way fun.
I made an actual dinner.
I took a chem quiz.
I went to a Hot Rod party at Hailey's dorm.
It was a good relaxing day. Only four days of school and then it's my birthday! holla!

Some Harlem Shake and a Little Snap Chat Lovin'

So these were our costumes for the Harlem Shake video. And as weird as they are, everyone thought they were the greatest, so it all paid off ya know?
I think we shake it very well ;)
On this fine Sunday my phone was stolen and this picture was sent from my snap chat to all of my friends. Aren't Derek and Austin adorable? Well everyone thought they were! And pictured below were some responses to this great snap sent from le boys:


               I love these people!
They are the

And then 1204 boys made us Sunday dinner. And I look up to those guys cause they are so fun, and they can cook a mean chicken and dumplings. Oh and then we went over to Meagan's for a second dinner, which was superb. And we watched the season finale of Downton Abby, which I hated by the way. And we took a really cute picture with our cute hats ;)
Man I love my family, they are kinda amazing. And I don't have school tomorrow. Hallelujah!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Matching Red Pants Are The Bomb!
All Of My Hot Valentines.
This has been the best Valentines Day ever. Being in college really helps you feel all the love. There were random people on campus handing out valentines, and the bell tower even played the Beauty and Beast theme song. It was pretty fantastic. And then Rachwood and I wore matching red pants, and we were feeling real cool. We also made an insane amount of sugar cookies and gave them to our favs. Then we made heart pizza for dinner which was the best thing ever. Who knew shaping pizza into a heart could make it so fantastic!? Ok and possibly the best part was the valentine exchange we did. We mainly did it with 1101, 1102, and 1104, but we also got some from 1106, and Erik was even sweet enough to bring us some super cool cards. And so then my roommates and I decided that we should give each other dirty valentines, and so pictured above was rachwoods to me :) I thought it was wonderful! And so that is how my grand Valentines went down. And it was the best. I think that I love love. And every human I am friends with up here is absolutely amazing. Till next year V-day! Stay sweet :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Friday's & Saturday's are pretty cool

My sister got her mission call..............She is going to Long Beach California! How cool is that? My  dad was saying that that is like the prettiest place in the world. I totally love all of these missionaries, getting mission calls. It is so exciting and I love being a part of it.
So we went to Mr. Heritage on Friday night. Ummm can I just say that it was such a good time, and it was so fulfilling to watch all those boys do the opening dance. It was absolutely fabulous. And pictured above was our very own ward rep-Brad Nye. He made it to the top 6, and were so proud :) Way to represent Brad!
Let us all bask in the glory of this picture of Austin in a hot apron. He lost a bet with SkyeLyn and so he had to make us breakfast this morning. And it was dang good! You are fabulous Austin!
Ok, Rachel Wood introduced me to hazel nut hot chocolate from Starbucks. If you have never had it, go get it right now, because it will change your life!
And last but not least, we went to a non-alcoholic bar! Ok, I know that this sounds totally Mormon, but it was actually way fun. We got these cute mixed drinks, and we were feeling real cool. So cheers Utah for being super cool and being super Mormon, sometimes I love you.
Oh and then we went with Scottsworth to see Skyfall-such a good movie!
Thanks for being such a good weekend! Lets be amazing, Sunday.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


So I went to Ed Sheeran's concert last night. Ok this man is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Like seriously his music is already ridiculously good and live it is even better! He puts on a great show, and I loved every single second of it.
Before he came on stage everyone was going freaking insane. Everyone was pushed so close together so no one could move, and some people were even getting trampled and hurt. So thank goodness the crazies calmed down cause it was getting a little too wild up in there!
Yes Ed Sheeran. Yes. You are my favorite.
Annnnnnd right before last semester ended Spencer, Erik, and Jeremy thought it would be totally hilarious to prank us. So they taped a blanket up on our front door filled with popcorn so when we opened the door a ton of popcorn would fall on us. Well joke was on them cause the H.A. found it and took it down and cleaned it all up! So hahaha boys nice try. But of course in our good spirit of pranking we have to get them back. So since Jeremy just left on his mission we decided to send him a huge box of popcorn with some nice notes in it. Is that horrible to do to a missionary? Well in any case we thought it was a grand way to get back at him, and plus I bet he will totally love it. So guys, just keep in mind, no matter where you go or what you do, 1103 will get revenge :) Love you boys!

Monday, February 4, 2013

This weekend I.....

I went to the volleyball game with my Rachels, and Cosmo jumped in our picture.
We sat in the student section like right on the court, and yea it was GRAND!
I love SkyeLyn because she leaves us notes like this sometimes :)
And I wore some flannel, cause it's comfy and it's cute.
 And we also watched The Switch, which I had never heard of before, but man was it good, and the little boy in it totally stole my heart!
Also shout out to Devin for just randomly bringing us brownies, and ice cream, and chocolate syrup, and whip cream. You are the bomb!
 Also shout out to Erik for keeping me company in ward council....on a fast Sunday. It was long and hard, but we made it!
And that is what I did with my weekend.