Thursday, February 14, 2013


Matching Red Pants Are The Bomb!
All Of My Hot Valentines.
This has been the best Valentines Day ever. Being in college really helps you feel all the love. There were random people on campus handing out valentines, and the bell tower even played the Beauty and Beast theme song. It was pretty fantastic. And then Rachwood and I wore matching red pants, and we were feeling real cool. We also made an insane amount of sugar cookies and gave them to our favs. Then we made heart pizza for dinner which was the best thing ever. Who knew shaping pizza into a heart could make it so fantastic!? Ok and possibly the best part was the valentine exchange we did. We mainly did it with 1101, 1102, and 1104, but we also got some from 1106, and Erik was even sweet enough to bring us some super cool cards. And so then my roommates and I decided that we should give each other dirty valentines, and so pictured above was rachwoods to me :) I thought it was wonderful! And so that is how my grand Valentines went down. And it was the best. I think that I love love. And every human I am friends with up here is absolutely amazing. Till next year V-day! Stay sweet :)

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