Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Welcome to Finals week

This is how finals week goes down for me:
(please don't judge me for anything written below)
  • I've looked ratchet as ratchet can get. I mean I'm not even seeing anyone cute so why brush my hair?
  • I start working on a puzzle and we all know school always comes second to puzzles.
  • I literally make a count down on my phone titled "Texas where the high is 66!"
  • The library becomes my new home, and I hate it.
  • I forget to email all my missionaries cause I get real busy, and then I wallow in self pity because Monday's are the worst.
  • I attend every finals feast my ward has because "free food" are two of my favorite words.
  • I watch lots of castle because season 3 is the bomb, and because I have now appropriately formed friendships with all the characters in the show.
  • One direction become the only men in my life. (oh wait that's all the time:))
  • CafĂ© Rio becomes my staple diet. Like you think I'm kidding when I say I eat there almost every day, but when you have a punch card there, it's just even more incentive to go.
  • I think I wore my wolf shirt 3 days in a row? I don't even know.
  • It's the time where I very mildly freak out, but never do bad on any of my tests and it all ends up working out. But even greater than that, this is the time where I am praying that my future husband is killing his finals and that his dedication and perseverance gets passed onto our kids. I just want to be in dental school already/I never want to leave BYU.
And now I will leave you with this gem; cause I go home in 3 days, 0 hours, 13 minutes, and 53 seconds. And I will be oh so busy taking tests, helping Brooklyn move, packing, doing cleaning checks within that time. So have the merriest of finals week, and Happy early Christmas!
^^^^^Attention all males. These girls are the finest of the fine and I happen to have all of their numbers. I think we all know where this going, so don't be shy!^^^^^

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This is super random. Just saying.

Today was crappy as heck. I walked home in quite the rage, and didn't notice I was talking out loud until the fourth stare. I also haven't let my cookie butter out of my hand since I got home. Also whoever invented eating in the testing center can get fired......like now.
And it was also the last day of classes, which made me feel weird. But I love how on the last day all your teachers bear you their testimonies. It's the best. I love my school.

Also, the other night I was listening to a bunch of my grandpa's general conference/devotional talks he's given. This one made me super happy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfQiMYEjsnQ.
And I'm not asking anyone to watch it, cause it's pretty long. But it just made me so grateful that this man is mine. He is one of the most incredible people that I know, and I feel pretty cool sometimes being in his family. Growing up at our family reunions he would always have meetings with us and teach us about the gospel and just tell us how much he loved us. It's fun to listen to his talks and hear him say things that he's been telling us our whole lives. It's kind of been my life goal to get married while he's still alive because I've always wanted the man I'm going to marry meet him. If that happens it's like I've made it, ya know? Also, he gets KILLER seats at General Conference. And I want those tickets bad, but the only way to get them is to have a boyfriend. So all I'm saying is someone better step up to the plate fast cause I've wanted those dang tickets my whole life practically! But please, this post is not meant to me about getting married, cause duh I'm obviously not. And now I need to get back to my cookie butter. It really was just one of those days.

Monday, December 9, 2013

La da de da de

We went to a party this weekend, cause we're cool.
And whoever brought the otter pops to the party can propose to me right about now.
I also watched like 6 hours of castle this weekend. But it was so worth it, I don't even regret it one bit.
Also, today was the worst. I felt so off my groove, and the universe hated me.
But there was LOTS of sunshine, so I guess I'm cool with today.
And let's just let the fact that I'm going home to TEXAS in 10 days soak into your soul.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holy Shiz

Can we all please just take a simple moment of silence, because anatomy lab is DONE.
I literally think I studied so hard this week that I went mildly insane.
But I think I killed my final, so it's all good in the hood.
Also shout out to Sam and Jesse for bringing us DOUBLE treats :) I'm going to miss those darn TA's.
I'm actually really going to miss anatomy, like a lot. It was my favorite class I've taken to date.
And now I can actually breathe.....oh no wait, I still have 5 more finals to take.
Oh and can we please all freak out together about how much snow is on the ground right now?
Well that is all. Have a wonderful Thursday in my honor because anatomy lab being over is kind of a big deal!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

So I was sitting on my couch Tuesday night contemplating life and I said to myself, I have no where to go for Thanksgiving and I am not ok with this. So I texted Brooklyn and asked her if her sister could give me a ride down to Vegas. But she already left. So I did the coolest thing and decided to drive down there myself. Don't worry, I am a very responsible driver and a complete adult now that I drove 5 hours all by myself. I also had cookie butter and one direction to keep me company the whole way. And let me tell you driving is therapeutic. And so here goes the story of one of the funnest/best Thanksgivings of my lyyyyyfe:

 I pulled into Vegas and met up with Syd + Brooklyn + her sisters + some of her sisters roommates. B's dad got a room in the Mirage. Oh my bad, did I say room? It was like a mini house, with a bathroom bigger than my apartment. We even all got our own robes. Livin' large snitches. 
 Then you know how there is that big Volcano that goes off in front of the Mirage? Well we got to tour it inside and see how it all works. It's insane how much stuff goes into it, let me tell ya. Then we got to go on top of it and watch the show. On. Top. Of. It. It was completely radical to say the least. 
 I forgot to bring pajamas. Typical move. So Ash was kind enough to let me borrow some of hers. She's a real gem that one! 
 Ok, so we got free tickets to see Boyz II Men. Holla! We have never even heard of them, it probably has to do with the fact that they are three old black men that started their singing career before we were even born.....But anyways they have a tradition that they sing this one song and you can run down to the stage and try to get a rose from them. WE ALL GOT ONE! And let it be known the first rose I ever got from a boy was from a big black man singing to me. It's a nice story don't you think? Moving on!
 Our view from the top of the volcano was pretty OK.
 Cross "go to an actual Ben and Jerry's store" off the bucket list. (But if you must know, it's not all that it's cracked up to be.) Oh and this was taken Thanksgiving day. We went back to B's house and had two dinners with both sides of her fam. They rock and they know how to make a good turkey. Thanks for having me :) 
 We saw LOVE. And we LOVED it. Like if you ever have a chance go. I loved it to pieces. 
 So yea, we kinda got a backstage tour of The Beatles: Cirque du Soleil. It was beyond cool. It was like superstar cool. And we took a picture next to the golden beatle, cause duh.
 This was the famous wall backstage that tons of famous people have signed. They wouldn't let us sign it for some reason....maybe next time.
We also went around to all the classics like the Venetian gardens, and the Bellagio water show and all that good stuff. We also went to stores that sold watches that cost more than my parents house and it blew my little mind. 
Classic Vegas Sign picture.
In between all the Strip fun we did we hung out at B's house and bonded/toured where B grew up/saw frozen/made pizzas/laughed a lot/went black Friday shopping (cross that off the bucket list too)/went on night hikes/just had the grandest time ever.
So this was the best week I could have asked for and so so so much more. Thanks for having me Nenneman's y'all rock my work! 
I heart you Vegas. You little devil you.