Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Welcome to Finals week

This is how finals week goes down for me:
(please don't judge me for anything written below)
  • I've looked ratchet as ratchet can get. I mean I'm not even seeing anyone cute so why brush my hair?
  • I start working on a puzzle and we all know school always comes second to puzzles.
  • I literally make a count down on my phone titled "Texas where the high is 66!"
  • The library becomes my new home, and I hate it.
  • I forget to email all my missionaries cause I get real busy, and then I wallow in self pity because Monday's are the worst.
  • I attend every finals feast my ward has because "free food" are two of my favorite words.
  • I watch lots of castle because season 3 is the bomb, and because I have now appropriately formed friendships with all the characters in the show.
  • One direction become the only men in my life. (oh wait that's all the time:))
  • CafĂ© Rio becomes my staple diet. Like you think I'm kidding when I say I eat there almost every day, but when you have a punch card there, it's just even more incentive to go.
  • I think I wore my wolf shirt 3 days in a row? I don't even know.
  • It's the time where I very mildly freak out, but never do bad on any of my tests and it all ends up working out. But even greater than that, this is the time where I am praying that my future husband is killing his finals and that his dedication and perseverance gets passed onto our kids. I just want to be in dental school already/I never want to leave BYU.
And now I will leave you with this gem; cause I go home in 3 days, 0 hours, 13 minutes, and 53 seconds. And I will be oh so busy taking tests, helping Brooklyn move, packing, doing cleaning checks within that time. So have the merriest of finals week, and Happy early Christmas!
^^^^^Attention all males. These girls are the finest of the fine and I happen to have all of their numbers. I think we all know where this going, so don't be shy!^^^^^

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