Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fav holiday!

 Happy fourth oh July weekend from your favorite family of "runners."
Lol cause we are actually not runners all, but we kind of like to think we are and we have medals to prove it. Next year, I'm coming for you 5k! (the mile we did this year was a litttttle too short for me)
And then I had to work all day, but hey time and a half.
And then we did fireworks and food.
It was a very simple fourth this year, but it was so good.
Long live America and long this holiday cause it's the raddest.
Also my temple trip this week was exceptionally good.
One of my favorite things about Utah is all the temples we have so so close to where we live. We don't have to walk across the border into Mexico just to go to the temple, and that is huge people!
Don't ever take these buildings for granted, they are the most peaceful blessings in our lives.
*Also warning-they redid the baptistery in the Mt. Timp temple. The boys and girls dressing rooms are now switched, I repeat they are switched!*