Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Sara, you are like the most chill person I have ever met. But like seriously, not only are you easy to get along with, but you are so nice. You only ever have good things to say about other people, and you are just genuenially a good person. And there are not a lot of people like that anymore."

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today Emilio gave me a card for teacher appreciation week. He was so excited and was so proud of his hard work :) I love this kid, I love all of those kids! They ALWAYS put a smile on my face no matter what! <3 CDL

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SICK. gross i hate being sick, and missing school :/ I am not one that gets too excited about making up a ton of work. Well I took my AP environmental science test yesterday, and I think I did ok. But I was reading President Uchtdorfs talk happily ever after last night, and it just made me so happy. And here are some of my favorite quotes:
"It is your reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself, that determines how your life’s story will develop."

"Nevertheless, not all will follow the map. They may look at it. They may think it is reasonable, perhaps even true. But they do not follow the divine directions. Many believe that any road will take them to a “happily ever after.” Some may even become angry when others who know the way try to help and tell them. They suppose that such advice is outdated, irrelevant, out of touch with modern life.
Sisters, they suppose wrong."

"adversity teaches us things we cannot learn otherwise."

NEW - You are Princesses - LDS Girls Uchtdorf Print

This talk always makes me feel happy, and reminds me, that I have a great plan in store, and that I will be blessed only if I worry about my own mistakes and not those of others.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

So last week was TAKS week ever! We didn't have to go to school till 1 o'clock. It was fantastic! So we went to breakfast at Crave, and then one day we had a water balloon fight with some juniors on the field. It was soooo much fun! And then on Friday it was Senior Ditch day, so I ditched for the very first time :) The day started out fun, and then got lame, but oh well, I can now say I have ditched. So I just want school to be over and done with.....I am so tired of doing work. But in reality my high school career is almost over. I will graduate in like a month, and then hello to the real world. So I am just going to have an amazing time with my friends, cause I am going to miss them so much :(   Katherine, and Gabriella the most, these girls are always there for me and I love them to pieces!
I feel like I am the kind of person who does anything for my friends. I really do put other people before me. I do so much for those I care about. Someimes I just get tired when people don't respect me and don't respect everything I do for them. So thank you to my real friends, who I know make mistakes, but I know they will always be there for me. This year has been a lame one for me, dealing with "friends", but I am just happy I figures out who my reals ones are <3