Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Never Fear Brooklyn Is Here!

^If you understand my title reference, you can be my best friend.^
BUT, lets get down to the important business. So I moved out of Belmont last Friday and I go home this Saturday, and so Brooklyn and I have hanging out as much as possible cause soon I will live somewhere new :( Thank goodness we have two classes together...
So lately we have done the following in no particular order:
1. put together Stacy's bday package. We had so much fun getting everything! (love ya forever Stace)
2. we got free waffles at the waffle truck. Heaven I tell ya.
3. we went to Mongo Stir Fry on our rommie date. SO GOOD.
4. we went on a little trip to Utah Lake which was very successful.
5. we watched tons of wedding videos and then we were just in that mood so we watched You've Got Mail and ate our hearts our in popcorn.
6. we visited Bish. S for his birthday and gave him cake. (he wasn't actually there, but we had a nice long chat with his wife and girls.) You rock Bish.S
7. and then we pretty much do whatever we want, whenever we want.
I'm gonna miss you Brooklyn. You are like the cookie cutter perfect roommate, and oh am I GONNA MISS YOU!
But it's all good, cause we will kill it in anatomy together. And we will celebrate your birthday like wild kids. And it will be great, it really will. But thanks for making my summer so stellar. You rock. Love you!
^Our lake day. This girl is amazing. WIFE THIS BOYS!^

Monday, August 12, 2013

This is my place.

Sometimes I wish that I was a beach girl. I wish I new how to surf and that I could spend every moment I could in the ocean. But I then I think maybe not. I'm just a mountain girl, and it's as simple as that. I mean don't get me wrong ocean=love, but the mountains are where my mind works the best. And these Utah mountains....gosh they are something to die for! Provo is kinda like the bomb.com. This place just has so many deep meaning to it now. Like those mountains for instance. Those mountains have some pretty awesome stories (trail running, hiking, the canyon, the list goes on!). And those mountains are where I go when I need to think and when I miss my friends. They make me happy. Then we have the temple and heritage halls, and BYU campus. The temple is seriously my favorite place in the whole world. How incredibley fortunate I am to be able to do work there every week. I cannot express enough how going there so often has completely changed my life and myself. I love Utah, for this reason. Then we have BYU and HH. Like really? How was I so lucky to get into this school and be in that darn 53rd ward freshman year? I sure needed it after my Senior year, and I do not go a day without noticing what a blessing it is in my life. BYU is the best school out there. Let's leave it at that. And Heritage Halls is where I met my of best friends in the whole wide world, and oh how I needed to meet these people. I met THE most incredible people up here in Utah, and I can't wait for us to grow olllld together. It's going to be a little bit too much fun. (Whit and Rach, get home from your missions already!) So there is my long shpeel on why Utah is my favorite in the history of ever. In one short year it has made the biggest impact on my life, and I love it. Provo is my place ya know? I just fit in here, and I feel the happiest here. So thank goodness I get to live here during this exciting time in my life, cause I can't imagine being anywhere else.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I like summer.

I do believe I never told the story about how my best friend forever a.k.a THE Whitney Minnick gave me the best phone call of my life. Well she did alright! It was the night she was flying out from Utah to Guatemala. I answered the phone and just about had a heart attack. I could hear her voice! It was real life! And it was the best phone call probably in the history of phone calls. I love you Whitters, Guat looks good on you! Thanks for calling your mom, to call bish, to get my number that you lost even though I gave it to you like 20 times. You are a real keeper!
 Well I guess lets all look at this picture of these sunflowers. Don't they just make you smile? Every morning on my run, I look at all of houses in Provo and pick out my favorites, and this one, yea it got a special award.

And ok, seriously. Summer is terrific and all, but I am hitting my point where I want to go home and make some crafts and eat some What-a-B. I do love Provo, but I love Provo even more when I have all my friends here. Seriously, where did you all go? The amount of times I go to CafĂ© Rio, and 7 peaks all by myself is starting to become pretty pitiful. I mean I love alone time, but I think that when you get to the stage where you do everything by yourself and you even have to have conversations with yourself to stay sane, you need some other humans in your life. So other humans, I am counting down the days until you get here! Like literally. You think I am kidding, but I have a count down! And in all this spare time, I read a whole lot and drink my nightly hot chocolate, and then I feel pretty good about my day.
Oh and Chey got married last week! First of all, she is the cutest cousin on planet earth, and I could not be more happy for her and Logan. And Second of all, Niki is my girl, and one day we WILL be endowed like the rest of the fam, and we WILL get to enjoy ALL the wedding festivities. But thanks for keeping me company, you rock.
Well Summer, you are grand. You really are my favorite. But I do believe I'm getting the itch to go back to Texas, and I am so ready to start class again. So let's get a move on while this motivation is at it's peak!
*16 days until I move out of this place and into a new place, and MY FRIENDS ARE HERE!
*18 days until I get to grace Texas with my presence.