Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Never Fear Brooklyn Is Here!

^If you understand my title reference, you can be my best friend.^
BUT, lets get down to the important business. So I moved out of Belmont last Friday and I go home this Saturday, and so Brooklyn and I have hanging out as much as possible cause soon I will live somewhere new :( Thank goodness we have two classes together...
So lately we have done the following in no particular order:
1. put together Stacy's bday package. We had so much fun getting everything! (love ya forever Stace)
2. we got free waffles at the waffle truck. Heaven I tell ya.
3. we went to Mongo Stir Fry on our rommie date. SO GOOD.
4. we went on a little trip to Utah Lake which was very successful.
5. we watched tons of wedding videos and then we were just in that mood so we watched You've Got Mail and ate our hearts our in popcorn.
6. we visited Bish. S for his birthday and gave him cake. (he wasn't actually there, but we had a nice long chat with his wife and girls.) You rock Bish.S
7. and then we pretty much do whatever we want, whenever we want.
I'm gonna miss you Brooklyn. You are like the cookie cutter perfect roommate, and oh am I GONNA MISS YOU!
But it's all good, cause we will kill it in anatomy together. And we will celebrate your birthday like wild kids. And it will be great, it really will. But thanks for making my summer so stellar. You rock. Love you!
^Our lake day. This girl is amazing. WIFE THIS BOYS!^

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