Monday, September 2, 2013

The Lone Star State

My week back in Texas was the best ever. There is just something about that state that is so radical. Everyone should get a chance to visit Texas!
Well my week pretty much consisted of hanging out with my mom, making crafts, talking with my sisters, eating at all my favorite places, swimming, and just all that good stuff that comes along with being at home. I love being home. I miss Texas a lot sometimes. It's just such a sweet place to be you know? But thanks for treating me well Texas, till December, you wonderful state you.
^I tried to swim as much as possible, cause I miss my good old pool!!^

^What-A-Burger. Iconic Texas restaurant right here. Their chicken and gravy makes my life a little better.^

^My sisters and I found our old super hero capes. I love my sisters :) They are the best. And we went to see the One Direction movie together. SO GOOD. Our lives are forever changed for the better ;)^
^Meet Katherine. She is my dearest friend from back at home. I adore this woman to pieces. Best friends forever and ever!^
And a happy Labor Day to all. School starts tomorrow!! AHHH!

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