Friday, September 27, 2013

I like things and I don't like things

 Things I like:
1. My floral design class. It's the greatest ever.
2. My grandparents. They bring me food. Oh boy do they know the key to my heart.
3. Golden Oreos
4. Missionaries
5. Mothers
6. 100% on anatomy quizzes
7. Nail polish
8. Temples
9. Mail
10. Late night Sonic runs with my girls

Things I don't like:
1. When people smack their gum
2. When it's only September and Utah produces snow :(
3. Meat that goes bad
4. Pants that are too tight
5. Not enough sleep
6. When BYU doesn't win our football/soccer games
7. Homework
8. The cold
9. The cold 
10. The cold

But things I do like always outweigh the things I don't like. So it's good ya know?
Let's all take a deep breath, study our hearts out, party like wild animals, and maybe fall in love this weekend. (even if you fall in love with food. cause that's my personal fav.)

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