Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Please Excuse This Post

Today I sat down for a whole 5 minutes and felt really sorry for myself. Then I picked myself back up and went on with my day. Sometimes I just miss my best friend. I miss having sleepovers with her and talking about nonsense. I miss our famous cracker barrel dates. I miss seeing her everyday like ten times a day. I miss staying out late and doing random things. I just miss being able to have her around to tell everything to. But I know that we are both doing great things with our lives. And I love you Katherine Hayes, but you already know that. Just thanks. Thanks for always always always being there. I can't wait to see you in like a month! :|]
^Ohhhh the good old days. We were hot mamas!^
^Just look at her! I am going to have the worlds hottest bridesmaid ever known to mankind. Love you smidget!^

Monday, April 29, 2013

Busiest Week Ever!

This past week was insanely busy, and here is why:
  • i finished up finals
  • my mom came in town to pack up my sister for her mission
  • we cleaned and moved out of our dorm.
  • skyelyn and i went to ikea to buy wedding gifts. we felt really grown up!
  • we went to two weddings
  • we went to two farewells
  • i said goodbye to so many people, that by the end i didn't even have any more dang tears to cry
  • i've been job hunting
  • and i've been getting minimum sleep
And so now I am moved into 27 Heritage Halls, and I am so excited to be living with good old stacey. We are going to kill it this spring!

^^ After finals we took a little golfing break.^^
^^Please excuse my red face. Crying does that to me. Gosh, saying bye to this kid was one of the hardest things ever. This kid is amazing, and will do great things in Brazil.^^
^^We finally had a Pixi Whisky night! Take LOTS of pixi stixs and add some sprite, and you are guaranteed a great time!^^
^^And of course after you drink, you must build the traditional pixi Lincoln log house.^^
^^The last man standing in our dorm. Our quote wall was prime. It was a freaking good year.^^
^^Wedding gift time! We felt super cool putting these together. I think you can officially call us adults.^^
^^Melanie's wedding! She looked absolutely gorgeous!^^
^^Kendra's wedding! I cannot believe this girl is married. Crazy-sauce!^^
^^First timer at IKEA. She loved it, but maybe not as much as I did.^^
Me, SkyeLyn, Emily, Madelyne, Stacey, and Katie.
^^Madel's farewell. And yes, she is going to possibly be the cutest missionary ever known. And holy cuss her mission party after her talk was to die for. It was the cutest thing ever, and I love cute things :) Chile is going to love you Mad!^^

Monday, April 22, 2013

This incredible weekend.

I went on a sister date with by bestie. We went and got chinese and then we got us some ice cream. Gosh I am going to miss this girl when she goes on her mission :(

On Saturday we celebrated Rach Woods birthday!
Dear Rach, I love you with my whole heart. I love when you "study for too long" it makes my whole life better. I love how you are always there for me no matter what, and I love how you seriously just make my life complete. I would be so lost without you! Love you sooooo much! And yes we went to the blue lemon for her birthday and yes, it was freaking amazing!

After we went to lunch, we shopped and city creek and then we had the opportunity to go do baptisms in the Salt Lake City temple. It was incredible to go inside this temple. And the people that worked there were the sweetest ever!

^Brooke, me, SkyleLyn, Rachel W, Rachel E^
I love these girls to pieces.

 Alright, then Sunday rolled around. Church lasted 4 hours and 40 minutes on this fine last Sunday as the 53rd ward. And I didn't even care one bit that it was so long. Being able to hear every ones testimonies makes me so happy. When my friends got up there the tears started coming, and then when everyone going on mission got up and sang the EFY medley, I was a goner. Seriously, I was a born cryer and once I get going, there is just no stopping me. After the song everyone was coming up to me and was like I was doing fine and then I looked at you and just lost it! Sorry guys, it happens :) But really, it's moments like that that bond us, and make us stronger. Today I cried because the spirit was so strong, and because I am so incredibly proud of all of these kids going out to preach the gospel. I also cried because honestly I have THE most amazing ward in the world. I have made so many friends up here and to think that in a week most of them will be gone breaks my heart. This ward enabled me to really trust people again, and to know that there are friends out there that love me. And the kids up here show that love to me all of the time. And they have all changed me life, and I am so grateful for that. So 53rd ward, thank you for being the best. Thanks for making me feel so loved. Thanks for the incredible memories. I will miss you all so much but I know we will see each other again :)
^The greatest ward there ever was^
Bishop even said in his testimony that he didn't think it was possible for there to be a closer ward out there. I love you kids, every single one of you. And thank you Bishop for being the incredible man you are and for making this year so wonderful, you have forever changed me life :)

*Also shout out to my FHE boys. You all are the greatest ever. Thanks for an amazing last dinner, and when we sang that EFY medley together at ward prayer, I knew right then and there you boys are keepers. Love you :)

And that was the how the greatest/hardest weekend went down. Now......lets do this finals!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fries before guys, foods before dudes!

We had our giant girl sleepover the other night. And it went something like this:
1. We hauled over two of our mattresses to cover their entire living room
2. We ate unhealthy amounts of popcorn, oreos, cookie dough, lemonade, chips and crackers.
3. We watched the Devil Wears Prada.
4. We cycled thought the main things girls talk about over and over. I love talking to these girls. They complete me :)
5. We finally fell asleep at 4 in the morning and then had to wake up early for reviews.
But it was so worth it. College is kinda the funnest time ever, and it is moments like this that make it so unforgettable. I am so lucky to be in the most amazing ward ever, and I am so lucky to have met and become such good friends with all of these girls. Thanks for the killer night ladies. You all rock my socks, hardcore!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Families Are Forever!

Tonight we had FHE at Bishops with #1104. Man I love all of those people, they are super great! We had an awesome (long, but awesome) conversation. We just asked questions and then had a big group discussion. I love my ward so much. They make my whole life complete. Then my FHE took a family picture. Ok, seriously, these kids MAKE my life. The other day I had a hard core bonding sesh with Patty and Scottsworth. These two kids are amazing in every way possible. I am so glad that they have been part of my family. Getting to know these boys and being able to talk to them about all of my problems has been such a blessing. Thanks for always being there for me boys! You will always be my favorite pappa patty and big brother. Also thanks for always making me laugh Benson, you are pretty cool too :) And the rest of my family....I love you all with all of my heart. We had a good run this year, and I would be nothing without you. Thank you for all that you have done for me. This has been an amazing family, and I honestly wouldn't have asked for any other one. Loooove you all oh so much, and I am so glad that we get to be together forever ;)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

fun facts:
1. burritos and mexican candy are my favorite. put chili on something and i WILL eat it. seriously, mexican candy over chocolate any day.
2. british singers are my all time favorite: one direction, olly murs, ed sheeran, etc!
3. i have a strawberry birthday cake every single year.
4. i have a major obsession with polka dots.
5. i have three places that i think are the most magical places on earth: the temple, disneyland, and my grandparents old house. it is my dream to live in that house one day!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I think I'll make this my favorite quote from general conference. These are two of the most important things you can have a knowledge of. Understanding who you are, and the potential you have can help you move mountains. Knowing that you are a daughter of God, can make you live your life in a way that is so different from the life the world would have you live. Understanding exactly who you are can make all the difference in your life. It makes you want to help others. It makes you want to be a hero. It enables you to feel so confident and look in the mirror and be so proud of what you see. It let's you know that it is ok if things don't work out, God has a plan just for you. It enables you to feel so deeply, from love to sorrow. But even though you will feel like sometimes the world is crashing down on you, you will be ok, because you KNOW that everything WILL work out. You are never alone. I hate seeing people struggle with this knowledge. Just believing this can make life so meaningful and beautiful. Everything will work out, I know it. Knowing how important you really are can change your life. It can make it the best. Hard times are inevitable, but they are given to us to make us stronger. When I look back and think of all of the people who brought me down and hurt me, I can now say thank you. You have made me into a person who never thought she could be this strong. I am so thankful to be a daughter of God, and to know that I belong to Him. I will live my life in a way to never let him down. And I know that this is what life is all about. Once you realize all you can do, you will be so happy, and your life will shine through with that happiness.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So tonight we had our date, and we played messy twister. I vote that this is one of the funniest games to watch people play. Like seriously, I was dying. And thennnnn after we played we "ice skated" in the paint that was on the floor. And then we added soap to it! And it was just a fiesta in our kitchen. So thanks boys and girls for a totally rad time. You guys are the bees knees, and you make life oh so enjoyable. :)
Lets cross messy twister off of the bucket list! It was a good one!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gerneral Conference Weekend

Get ready for the best weekend I've had in a long time. Everything went so well, and everything was just making me so happy these last couple of days. So here we go:
On Friday my cereal reminded me of a pinata. I was very excited about this, for reasons unknown, but hey I kicked off my weekend with a bang!

^Me, Rachel W., Rachel E., and Kyle^
On Friday we went on our weekly temple trip to the Draper temple. This temple is so beautiful, and the baptismal font has a big window behind it and while I was getting baptized the light was just streaming in, and it made me think that this is what life is all about. This is where I am meant to be, and it is so right and so good. This temple will now always have a special little place in my heart.
So after the temple, Rachel E., Kyle, Josh, and I went to Sammy's to get pie shakes. (so freaking good! everyone should go get one of these!) These kids are seriously the weirdest/funniest ever, and I love to hang out with you guys!
Rachel and I were able to go to the morning session of General Conference on Saturday. Holy amazingness! This was such an incredible experience, and I just love being a member of this church, it makes life so worth it and so meaningful.

We walked around temple square and it was so pretty! All of the trees are blooming, and it was just breathtaking.

 Saturday night the roommates and I hiked the Y. And yes we did lay upside down on it, and yes it was a completely great experience! I don't know why being upside down can make it so cool, but it totally did.
And then we received a snap chat from these hotties, and so we returned the favor. Then we woke up, watched some General Conference, and ate french toast. This weekend was amazing, and it's times like these when I am just so thankful for my life, and the knowledge I have of the gospel. If there is one thing I have learned recently it would be that when you put the Lord first, and really really try to make an effort to do good, then your life will be so blessed. And life will be so good :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Today was interesting, and all I can say is:
Thanks you whittney minnick for being the sweetest girl ever :) you will always be my favorite!
And I am loving me some ray bands at http://www.smartbuyglasses.com.
And lets not forget about how the high on Thursday is supposed to be 72!
And every girl should read this and believe this. Don't be afraid to be you, and don't let others constantly get you down. Having self confidence and self worth is an amazing quality and you can go so far with it!