Monday, April 29, 2013

Busiest Week Ever!

This past week was insanely busy, and here is why:
  • i finished up finals
  • my mom came in town to pack up my sister for her mission
  • we cleaned and moved out of our dorm.
  • skyelyn and i went to ikea to buy wedding gifts. we felt really grown up!
  • we went to two weddings
  • we went to two farewells
  • i said goodbye to so many people, that by the end i didn't even have any more dang tears to cry
  • i've been job hunting
  • and i've been getting minimum sleep
And so now I am moved into 27 Heritage Halls, and I am so excited to be living with good old stacey. We are going to kill it this spring!

^^ After finals we took a little golfing break.^^
^^Please excuse my red face. Crying does that to me. Gosh, saying bye to this kid was one of the hardest things ever. This kid is amazing, and will do great things in Brazil.^^
^^We finally had a Pixi Whisky night! Take LOTS of pixi stixs and add some sprite, and you are guaranteed a great time!^^
^^And of course after you drink, you must build the traditional pixi Lincoln log house.^^
^^The last man standing in our dorm. Our quote wall was prime. It was a freaking good year.^^
^^Wedding gift time! We felt super cool putting these together. I think you can officially call us adults.^^
^^Melanie's wedding! She looked absolutely gorgeous!^^
^^Kendra's wedding! I cannot believe this girl is married. Crazy-sauce!^^
^^First timer at IKEA. She loved it, but maybe not as much as I did.^^
Me, SkyeLyn, Emily, Madelyne, Stacey, and Katie.
^^Madel's farewell. And yes, she is going to possibly be the cutest missionary ever known. And holy cuss her mission party after her talk was to die for. It was the cutest thing ever, and I love cute things :) Chile is going to love you Mad!^^

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