Monday, April 22, 2013

This incredible weekend.

I went on a sister date with by bestie. We went and got chinese and then we got us some ice cream. Gosh I am going to miss this girl when she goes on her mission :(

On Saturday we celebrated Rach Woods birthday!
Dear Rach, I love you with my whole heart. I love when you "study for too long" it makes my whole life better. I love how you are always there for me no matter what, and I love how you seriously just make my life complete. I would be so lost without you! Love you sooooo much! And yes we went to the blue lemon for her birthday and yes, it was freaking amazing!

After we went to lunch, we shopped and city creek and then we had the opportunity to go do baptisms in the Salt Lake City temple. It was incredible to go inside this temple. And the people that worked there were the sweetest ever!

^Brooke, me, SkyleLyn, Rachel W, Rachel E^
I love these girls to pieces.

 Alright, then Sunday rolled around. Church lasted 4 hours and 40 minutes on this fine last Sunday as the 53rd ward. And I didn't even care one bit that it was so long. Being able to hear every ones testimonies makes me so happy. When my friends got up there the tears started coming, and then when everyone going on mission got up and sang the EFY medley, I was a goner. Seriously, I was a born cryer and once I get going, there is just no stopping me. After the song everyone was coming up to me and was like I was doing fine and then I looked at you and just lost it! Sorry guys, it happens :) But really, it's moments like that that bond us, and make us stronger. Today I cried because the spirit was so strong, and because I am so incredibly proud of all of these kids going out to preach the gospel. I also cried because honestly I have THE most amazing ward in the world. I have made so many friends up here and to think that in a week most of them will be gone breaks my heart. This ward enabled me to really trust people again, and to know that there are friends out there that love me. And the kids up here show that love to me all of the time. And they have all changed me life, and I am so grateful for that. So 53rd ward, thank you for being the best. Thanks for making me feel so loved. Thanks for the incredible memories. I will miss you all so much but I know we will see each other again :)
^The greatest ward there ever was^
Bishop even said in his testimony that he didn't think it was possible for there to be a closer ward out there. I love you kids, every single one of you. And thank you Bishop for being the incredible man you are and for making this year so wonderful, you have forever changed me life :)

*Also shout out to my FHE boys. You all are the greatest ever. Thanks for an amazing last dinner, and when we sang that EFY medley together at ward prayer, I knew right then and there you boys are keepers. Love you :)

And that was the how the greatest/hardest weekend went down. Now......lets do this finals!

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