Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This is super random. Just saying.

Today was crappy as heck. I walked home in quite the rage, and didn't notice I was talking out loud until the fourth stare. I also haven't let my cookie butter out of my hand since I got home. Also whoever invented eating in the testing center can get now.
And it was also the last day of classes, which made me feel weird. But I love how on the last day all your teachers bear you their testimonies. It's the best. I love my school.

Also, the other night I was listening to a bunch of my grandpa's general conference/devotional talks he's given. This one made me super happy:
And I'm not asking anyone to watch it, cause it's pretty long. But it just made me so grateful that this man is mine. He is one of the most incredible people that I know, and I feel pretty cool sometimes being in his family. Growing up at our family reunions he would always have meetings with us and teach us about the gospel and just tell us how much he loved us. It's fun to listen to his talks and hear him say things that he's been telling us our whole lives. It's kind of been my life goal to get married while he's still alive because I've always wanted the man I'm going to marry meet him. If that happens it's like I've made it, ya know? Also, he gets KILLER seats at General Conference. And I want those tickets bad, but the only way to get them is to have a boyfriend. So all I'm saying is someone better step up to the plate fast cause I've wanted those dang tickets my whole life practically! But please, this post is not meant to me about getting married, cause duh I'm obviously not. And now I need to get back to my cookie butter. It really was just one of those days.

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