Monday, January 6, 2014


Christmas break happened. Here's how it went down:
 I went home to Texas and obviously the first thing I did once I hit the ground was eat some Taco C, because how else would one live life? Then we were just Christmas prepping and all that jazz. And then the day came and we gave each other our "funny" pajamas and did all the Christmas eve festivities. And then on Christmas we got to Skype the big sister which was possibly the highlight of my life! To hear a missionaries actual voice is like Christmas all in itself.
 Please take note of one of Gracie's finer creations. The two huge red candies are his rosy cheeks. Duh. Also, can I be Gracie? She's like the coolest human ever.
Oh my gosh. No one will ever understand the pain we go through as children with Christmas card making at my house. My mom literally hand makes every single card. Every single year. People raveeeeee about our cards, and so when this year she came and she just wanted to print them off, my dad convinced her that "everyone will be so disappointed when we don't make them." IF THEY WILL BE SO DISSAPOINTED THEN YOU MAKE THEM DAD! So, here we are, 19 years of life, and I got to be a part of yet another Christmas card making season. All I can say is if you have never experienced the joys of double sided tape, go buy some now and thank me latter. (I accept treats in the form of gift cards and cupcakes.)
 Then we got to go to AZ for my cousins wedding. Future husband, take note. I would like to live in this state one day. Let's make that dream a reality and be tan all year around ok!?
 Oh and I kind of love my sisters like a lot. If you are ever in need of a god time, or a good Frozen singing sesh, we can easily hook it up.
 And if you must peer into a little corner of my heart for a hot sec, this is what you must know:
I am eternally in love with the heat. Summer is like my favorite thing in this very world.
Cloudless blue skies are like my second favorite thing in this whole world.
And road trips, yea I'm a big fan. You have no idea how much I love to drive while listening to Tim McGraw. It's like the greatest joy ever.
And then I was fortunate enough to get my wisdom teeth out. And I was so so weird on the drugs my friends. (NEVER DO DRUGS KIDS!) And don't even worry, it was all gotten on video. I just can't really post it because I make some terribly embarrassing confessions. Mainly about males. And I'd rather not publicly embarrass myself, so that's that. And so this picture of my dog will suffice for my New Years picture, because trust me, you didn't want me taking pictures of myself that night.
And now today was the first day of school. I wasn't feeling to hot about another semester, and so soon after the last one too! But of course all of my professors said something profound that smacked that attitude right out of my head. So lets do this winter semester. (just don't snow too much and there will be no tears! promise!)

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