Monday, January 27, 2014

I'm a lucky little snitch sometimes

Me and Em took this time she is in Utah to do LOTS of cousin bonding. We went on a temple trip, we went to a men's volleyball game, we went out to lunch, and we talked and talked and talked.
I'm so lucky. So lucky to have my family as my little best friends.

Also ^^^look^^^
My Sister Minnick is my home girl 4ever. If there is one person who will win the title of "my best friend forever and all eternity and my twin and my soul mate" it would be Whitney Minnick.
And why she is so perfect will always be beyond me.
Also I got to email chat with her a like 5 minutes ago, so that was a real treat.
I love you my little Spanish speaking twinner.
And I may or may not have cried watching her "chili" video because I got to hear her VOICE! I died.
And then lets talk about all these things that no one will care about, but me probs...
1//Em and I conveniently were in the Anatomy hall today just chillin and low and behold two angles came upon us and wanted to ask us questions about LearnSmart. (Here is where the angel part comes into play) Since we were so cooperative and gave such good feedback (I'm sure) they gave us free café rio gift cards. Like come onnnnn.
2//Today was weirdly warm, but now there is snow on the forecast. Kill.
3//We found a new place to live! And we like it a lot.
4//I'm almost done with my dental app. I can see the light!
5//Brooklyn and I went to the 11 o'clock church instead of our wards due to Brooklyn's tragically busy schedule. It was completely refreshing to go to a different ward. And we even got hit on by boys and got to sit with little Nate who quizzed us on an arm muscle in sacrament meeting. Don't worry, we semi nailed it.
6//Baileys cousin let us babysit her baby! We got to stare at/hold the chubbiest baby for like 3 hours. We were in heaven. And then Meagan had her baby so I got to go hold/meet him.
And everything has been going a lot better lately. And I'm really happy this is how things are.
I'm lucky for a lot of different people that make my life kind of awesome. Thanks peeps.
Lets all pray that this week stays hoppin and pray that that package can get from Guat to Provo.

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