Thursday, January 23, 2014

I miss ya Stace girl.

I took this picture in honor of celebrating "wildlife shirt Wednesday" but I mainly took this picture to send to my Stacey.
I miss my Stace girl so so much, it's not even funny.
Sometimes I get real antsy and I literally contemplate buying a ticket to the Philippines just so I can see her face and hear her voice.
Every one should have a Stacey in their life in my opinion.
She will always sleep in the same bed with you. She will always share a pork salad with you. She will always tell you how hot you look. She will always car dance with you. She will always lay on the floor no matter where you are and try to outdo you by saying the stupidest things and get into the biggest laughing fit ever. She will always mess up the black rice and take you to chick-fil-a 10 minutes before it closes. She will always be your temple date. She will always have your back, like forever. She will always write you a billion letters, even when she is a million miles away cause she cares. She will always tell you her deepest secrets, but of course you'll have to tell you hers. She's the best friend you will ever have.
And every time I would wear this shirt she would say, hey Sara, let's go find me a wolf shirt.
So in other words, she's my soul mate. No one has ever seen this shirt and wanted one so badly.
And once you bond over a wolf shirt, there is no going back.
So Stace, thanks for being my pal forever.
I literally can't wait till you come home and Whitney and I can caress the heck out of your face! (1 year and 47 days to go!!!)
Love you bby girl.

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