Friday, January 10, 2014


So I went to the waffle store the other day. I just don't even understand who invented waffles but I just want to write them a personal thank-you card.
Also this week someone told me to be happy. They said you be happy and you be grateful that you get to go to this school. And I said yes sir.
I was kind of bummed out about starting another semester, and then I realized, gosh I'm so stupid, this could be my last semester at BYU.
BYU has kind of been my dream school since I was born, and I made it! I got in and I go here, and I love it. And it's really sad sometimes when I think about leaving. And I know I'll still live here and probably still study on campus all the time, but not having classes at the Y will be weird. And so this is my long way of saying how I've decided that this is going to be the best semester of my life. Yes, sir, this will be the best and you can count on it.

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