Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Can we have every Monday off?

We decided to go hiking on our day off. Utah is seriously the most beautiful place. I like it.

Also we literally found crystal snow. It was crazy + this picture does not do it justice + I am forever mind blown.
Also as of lately....
We went swimming in January guys! Like in an outside pool and it wasn't even uncomfortable. Can I get a what what!
I think my internal water works are still on hyper-drive thanks to the season 3 finale of Castle.
I feel like literally all I do with my life is school, homework, application stuff, and go on target runs. And I'm not even mad about it.
Two of my missionaries told me they are sending me packages. Come on guys, can my friends be any cooler? I don't think so!
Also, dried mango. I'm addicted and proud of it. Future husband: the amount of dried mango that will flow through our house will be heavenly.
And lets all start using our 11:11 wishes for the greater cause of letting this earth start to warm up.
That is all.

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