Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Just life.

First off I would be dead right now without ^this^ human being. Thanks for being my ride or die. And thank you for giving me dried mangos when I need them the most.
Also sorry for the horrible quality of that picture...
And then this is how life has been going lately:
+ the Danielle Bradbery CD. It makes the worst days ok.
+Camden called me and told me he's getting baptized! I am so happy for this little boy! (also on the phone he told me I sounded so grown up, and I think it's cause I'm almost 20 ;))
+I finished all of my midterms for the time being. Oh and sometimes we cycle to 1D in my cycling class, and I feel veryyyyy fine about it.
+It snowed the other day I wasn't even mad about it for once in my life. Then it kept on snowing and I did not appreciate it too much anymore.
+Salad and salmon have become like my favorite foods lately. Since when did I become my mom?
+Also castle. I just finished the season 4 finale. And I cried. I'm not even ashamed cause the emotion in that episode is too much to handle. Also if Beckett and Castle had a couple name I'd call them Casette.
+Sometimes I can't talk to the opposite sex and this is the reason why Whitney Minnick is my best friend. And I miss her a whole lot right about now.
+I want a yellow kitchen aid and I want one now.
+I haven't even started training myself to beat my 9 year sister in a soccer dribble off. How am I supposed to pull this one off!?
And yea, that about sums it up. I just want to eat thin mints while Bailey tells me good things about this world cause that's just where I am. Have a blessed night.

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