Saturday, February 15, 2014

February the 14th

We kicked off V-day eve by going to waffle love for two very important reasons: 1. It was buy one get one free and 2. waffles love us more than anything, so we needed that love in our lives.

All you need it love....and the Beatles, and girl scout cookies.

Guys, my mom should win a prize for best mom ever. This was the third Valentines package she sent me. She just wins all the time, and I want to be just like her when I grow up.

I went over to Mandie's and we made cinnamon rolls for our Valentines. Mandie gave all of her's to boys, and I gave all of mine to girls...I've also been single my whole life and she gets more action than I think is necessary ;)

Then Brooklyn and I went on our grand V-day temple trip. It was heavenly because there was NO line and all of the workers were exceptionally cute that day. Some times old people just have it going on. Also lets not be too thrilled that all the snow is melting, and by that I mean lets all be totally thrilled together.

 Let it be known that this was the second rose I've ever received from a male before. 1st rose was from Boyz II Men and my second rose was from a waiter at Tucanos.
Also I'm pretty grateful for these friends of mine. They make life fantastic and holy cow this was one of the best Valentines day's ever thanks to them. (but like seriously boys I have all of their numbers and I am not shy about hooking it upppp. this could be life changing)
 Look who our meat boy was.....we still can't over that our little William works there and didn't even tell us about it! But it all worked out because he brought us endless amounts of pineapple and HE paid US to get the chocolate cake which I'm pretty sure killed us all. Also we all ate a chicken heart, cause we're exotic and stuff. I hate to impress, but ya know.
 Then since my birthday is coming up we had to tambourine our way through the Brazilian birthday song. And in case any of you were wondering just the other week I was talking to Bailey about how the only thing I can play is the tambourine, so you know, I let myself shine during this song.
 Also if anyone if wondering what a bunch of single girls do on Valentines day....yea we take selfies. And facebook stalk hot men, but that's besides the point.
Is it really a Valentines without a mustache picture? I don't think so.
Also I know you are getting tired of my pictures so here are three more and then I'm done. Pinky swear.
 All I'm saying is that random boys always want to be in our pictures. Take from that what you will.
 Here is us show casing how excited we are to be in Provo amongst all the couples whilst we are all single and ready to mingle.
And there you have it. Try to still know there is good in the world, even after seeing that face produced by Nathaniel.
I love you all. Hope your V-day was hoppin.

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