Tuesday, February 25, 2014

20! 20! 20! 20! 20!

Someone thought I'd be a good idea to let me turn 20, and I love it.
I know it's just an age, and it's just another birthday, but turning 20 is pretty neat.
It's like I've felt like a teenager for my whole life, which makes sense, and then this birthday hit and BAM it's like a whole new world.
I mean, I'm officially 5'5'' so that makes me feel like a big kid, but it's a lot more than that.
It has A LOT do to with college. College makes you grow up and it makes you grow up fast.
I've learned more in the past two years here in Utah than I probably have my whole life. It's awesome.
Also I feel like a big kid cause I'm a bridesmaid for Hailey's wedding. Like I'm sorry, we are old enough for that?!
Also it's when I see my grandpa and he turns to my dad with a big smile and says, now that is not a little girl anymore, that is a beautiful young woman.
 I like being 20, even though it's a littttle bit weird at first. It makes me want to do so many things and become a better person. It's like oh hey world, you can take me seriously now cause I'm old! And maybe people in our ward will stop freaking out cause I'm not even a teenager anymore.
So 20, let's have the best time. I feel like my 20's are going to be the raddest. Yea, they will be.

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