Saturday, February 9, 2013

Friday's & Saturday's are pretty cool

My sister got her mission call..............She is going to Long Beach California! How cool is that? My  dad was saying that that is like the prettiest place in the world. I totally love all of these missionaries, getting mission calls. It is so exciting and I love being a part of it.
So we went to Mr. Heritage on Friday night. Ummm can I just say that it was such a good time, and it was so fulfilling to watch all those boys do the opening dance. It was absolutely fabulous. And pictured above was our very own ward rep-Brad Nye. He made it to the top 6, and were so proud :) Way to represent Brad!
Let us all bask in the glory of this picture of Austin in a hot apron. He lost a bet with SkyeLyn and so he had to make us breakfast this morning. And it was dang good! You are fabulous Austin!
Ok, Rachel Wood introduced me to hazel nut hot chocolate from Starbucks. If you have never had it, go get it right now, because it will change your life!
And last but not least, we went to a non-alcoholic bar! Ok, I know that this sounds totally Mormon, but it was actually way fun. We got these cute mixed drinks, and we were feeling real cool. So cheers Utah for being super cool and being super Mormon, sometimes I love you.
Oh and then we went with Scottsworth to see Skyfall-such a good movie!
Thanks for being such a good weekend! Lets be amazing, Sunday.

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