Monday, May 12, 2014


And Lately:
+Hailey got married!!! It's all parts exciting/totally weird!
+Hunter Hayes new CD
+I moved! And I couldn't be more in love with where I am at. My ward is killing it, and we've only been here for two weeks
+I love my job. The girls I work with are so fun!
+I'm about to jump into a whole lot of dental shadowing hours
+I bought my plane tickets to California and New York. Come faster vacations!
+Mothers Day/thanks mom for being my favorite human in this whole world/we got to talk to our missionary
+Brooklyn came to visit us! I may have cried when she left :(
+Missionary emails
+I've loved/hated having nothing to do. I'm so excited summer is here!
 ^^^Our, "we can't believe Hailey is married" faces.^^^
^^^This happened and it was magical. Mac n cheese through and through!^^^

 ^^^Real talk, best Cinco de Mayo eva. It's been far too long since I've been to a party where Juanes is playing, and it made my whole life complete. Also my whole ward is obsessed with Nacho Libre and so I'm basically in love.^^^
 ^^^Brooklyn being here for the past week was heaven. Come back and visit us B, we miss you a lot and need more late night laughs with you.^^^
^^^Gracie's face....she's cute. But really, these women are everything to me. And I can't wait till Sam comes home. We can finally be complete again.^^^

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