Friday, April 25, 2014


 We all bought tickets for Hunter Hayes in February, and then finally we finished finals and got treated with this gem of a concert. And I'm sorry not sorry for all of the fan girling that will be going on in this post. Also cowboy boots. I miss Texas.
The first opener was Dan+Shay. They are amazing and I hope you all go listen to their album cause it's amazing. Also Dan is hot and Shay is short, but I still love them both.

Then Danielle Bradbery opened. She is probably one of the cutest humans to walk this very earth.

And then there was Hunter....Hunter, Hunter, Hunter. First of all forgive all of my blurry pictures, but I was a little too excited and he was jumping all over the stage and never standing still, so ya know. But isn't he the cutest?! I want to take him home.

I touched him like three times, and he totally looked into my eyes while singing Wanted. So basically we are in love, it's fine.

Also let's talk about the fact that Laurie won a meet n' greet with Hunter! I still can't believe she won....I never know people who win things cause I have the worst luck ever. Maybe my bad streak is running thin (sorry Stace, you got the worst of it.)

I also loved how he got emotional. I don't know what it is about a man that is not ashamed to show his emotions, but Hunter let them shine! Our show was his first ever sold out tour show and he was freaking out. It was adorable, duh. After a song he would just stand there and look at us and be like wow, this is really happening, this is real life. And then me and all the high schoolers I was surrounded by would scream and almost cry with him. It was precious, he was precious. I'm in literal love guys. Moving on...

Real talk: one of the best shows I've ever been to. If you ever have the chance to go to one of his concerts-GO. Hunter is a party and a half but he's also exceptionally inspirational and says things during his concert that make you leave and your like "Yea, I am the coolest person ever, and so is everyone else, and this life is awesome and I'm happy!" It's a good time, and every woman should find a husband like Hunter. He's amazing and knows how to treat a woman. And also his new CD that's coming out should be the greatest thing since double stuffed oreos. Thanks for being you Hunter, you made a lot of girls dreams come true that night.

And then we got to meet Dan and Shay. Holy hotness. And it was the best night ever guys. Like really. And it was 10 times better cause class is over and summer is here.
Long live country music. 

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