Wednesday, April 2, 2014

End of March!

 ^Classic Utah spring time festivities. And props to our photo bomber, it took us a day to notice he was there! ^
Also I caught (SkyeLyn fought off like 20 other girl to get this for me) Tim Dobbert's ball at the volleyball game. Seriously who invented men's volleyball? It's like the sport of the Gods. We like to think we are BFFs with the whole team....who knows, maybe one day.
Also March is OVER. YAY! And now it's April, and I am sooo excited. April is already turning out to be crazy busy, but I am so excited for it (mainly because that means this semester is over!)
And Hilary Duff is  currently recording her new album. I'm already in love with it. She knows what a girl needs in her life. Am I right?
And Tucanos should really start thinking about selling take out of their mango codfish cause I would kill for that rn.
And yes, it snowed today, and no I'm not even mad. (I'm totally kidding, I think a tear ran down my face today.)
And I still don't understand why there are not rainbows in Utah. I think Texas steals them all.
Last but not least, this weekend is going to be killllller. Go out and do something F-U-N.

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