Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The best of the best of the best

Ok seriously this past weekend has been the best of my entire life. Like no joke. This past school year has been hard. It's been long, and its been very challenging. There have been days after days that everything just goes wrong. I finally feel like I've made it. I made it through this year full of let downs and hardships, and finally this weekend has paid off. So here we go!
Last Friday SkyeLyn and I met up with Travis at the Bountiful temple. This was my first time going and it was awesome. This temple is huge/beautiful. Also having friends who can baptize you is the literal best thing. College rocks my socks off time after time because of the people I've met. Lets be friends forever ok guys?

Car selfie for the win cause we have the BEST GRANDPA IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! I'm not even kidding. This man is my rock/one of the biggest examples to me in my life. He used to be in 70, and so he now gets tickets to every session of conference. Me and Mandie were able to go together and I will forever be grateful for my grandpa. The way he has lived his life has in turn blessed my life so so much and I am just so happy he is mine.  
*Disclaimer*-we are the first grandchildren to convince him to give us his tickets even though we don't have boyfriends. Beating that system right and left ;)

I know this is blurry, but guys come on! We were so close to these amazing men, it blew my mind. If you EVER get the chance to go to conference, go. If you ever get the chance to sit way up close seal the deal and DO IT! Life changing people! I can't even tell you how powerful it is to have Elder Holland get up to the stand and rock such a power house talk sitting right there in front of him. If you aren't Mormon you should seriously consider it cause it is the greatest part of my life and it could be the greatest thing to happen to yours.
Also remember that one time Elder Cook brushed my shoulder as he casually walked by/that time that we were 10 inches away from Elder Oaks and almost got a selfie with him. Nothing can compare to that day of conference. I am truly blessed and learned so much in one little day. 

Also Mandie is a gooood time. If you don't have a Mandie in your life you could maybe borrow mine for a day cause she is literally a party and half and I would not survive without her.

Ok, this is where is gets really real.
My grandma called me on Monday April 7 and said "Hey Sara we got a letter here for you, you might want to come open it!"
I was surprising so calm when opening it and then I saw I got in and I kid you not I had to read it 10 times before I believed it. We then proceeded to freak out/jump up and down in a giant group hug. My grandparents are like 19, I love it. Gosh, I've worked hard to get where I am, and I am so blessed to have this opportunity, to go to this dream dental school of mine.
Like really? I'm a big kid!!
It feels so good.
And seriously guys, THANK YOU. I have never felt so much love/had so much support in my life before. I don't know why I'm surrounded by the best people. I don't know what I ever did to deserve it but I am so happy every day because of it.
And then I got a job that I really wanted and then everything was good. For once this year everything fell into place and I know that hard work pays off. Never ever ever give up on yourself and more importantly never give up on God. You will go through hard times. There WILL be bumps in the road, bumps that are sometimes years long. But you see it's after you push through those times and instead of having them tear you down, having them build you up that you really find out who you are and how strong you are. And then one day you will see the sunshine and you will know, you will know that everything works out/happens for a reason. And the best thing you could ever do for your life is never giving up. It really makes the difference. Trust me, I know.

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