Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some March Lovin'

^^^So this week:^^^
1. We saran wrapped SkyeLyn and took her around to different dorms and just left her on their doorsteps. It was hilarious to say the least, and I know that this might sound lame, but we are bored college kids. And sometimes when Erik comes over to use our oven and he gives us the idea, we just run with it.
2. We had a major cleaning day and now our apartment doesn't look like crap anymore!
3. I went to multiple PDBio reviews.
4. For our temple trip this week we went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple. This temple is so great!
5. We had a girls night and painted our nails/watched Cinderella story/did face masks.
6. We went with Will and Sterling and got huge bags of Krispy Kremes from the dumpster. Those kids are a riot!
7. Devin wins nicest person ever award because on Friday he came over, baked me cookies, popcorn, and brought me hot tamales, and had me start on the Lord of the Rings movies. This kid is a champ! You make me smile Devin. thanks for being so cool.
8. For Rachel's Birthday we attempted to go to the hot springs. But since we are scared of bears, and hate the cold, we just ended up going to Arctic Circle and getting milkshakes, but hey it was an adventure to be had.
9. Rachel and I missed our 5K because it was snowing on Saturday morning! I have never hated Utah more.....
10. And pictured above are some of my favorite snap chats from the past couple of days. Hey guys, lets be friends forever because you all make my life so happy.  

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