Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bachelor Parties and Taco Bell

 TEAMMMMMMM CATHERINE! When Sean sent home Lindsey, as sad as it was, we were all having a little party! We wanted Catherine to win so bad, and ummmm she totally did! Seriously thought, look at those two together. And come on! Their engagement was precious and gave us goosebumps all over. Oh bachelor, we love you so much, and we are mourning the end of your season!
And 1101: We loooooved watching the bachelor with you, and having our finale party together was perfect. And I am so glad we ate all that popcorn ;)
 After the bachelor we FINALLY went and got the new cool ranch tacos at taco bell. Holy cuss. These things are so good. Like 10 times better than the Doritos ones. Everyone should go eat one of them, and have their heart smile a little bit.
And thanks for going to taco bell with us Chris. You are the funniest ever. And thank you so much for fist pounding me, it was about dang time!

And look what I found on Spencer's dorm door. It was possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen. #texasforever

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  1. i very much enjoy the picture of us with the tacos haha