Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Come Back To ME!

On Saturday Rachel and I went on a much needed temple trip. We made it our goal to visit as many temples near Provo, so we started off with the gorgeous Mt. Timpanogos temple. We kinda totally love this temple, and it was so fun to go to it for the first time. We love you Utah, and all of your bounteous temples for us to visit :)
Also on Saturday we participated in the ward shaving cream fight. It was a blast, but people were really into shoving cream all up in my face. Even when we were trying to take this dang this picture someone just shoved a mother load in my face. So if you look realllllllly hard you will see I am the girl in the red shorts with her hands on her face because someone just plastered me. But even though I got insane amounts of shaving cream in my nose, and so much in my ears so I couldn't even hear, I recommend everyone to do this once in their life, because it is super great!

Alright to end our Saturday with a bang we went to 1217's final black light dance party. Ok this one got freaking INSANE. I have never gotten pushed into a mosh and hated my life so much. I got nailed in the eye, scratched on the arm, smashed in the nose, and I almost lost my shoes multiple times. But other than all that nonsense, this party was way fun, and I am totally going to miss those boys and the crazy fun parties they throw. You guys rock my world! P.S. Thanks Emily for doing our super fly eye designs! You are just a creative beast!

Well today Erik and Jamon came over for our fine Sunday dinner. Lucy made us corn beef, and it was super delish. And I hope we can all appreciate Erik in his cute apron. He was so thrilled to be wearing it! Look at that smile!

Ok, funniest thing ever. Jamon was describing to us how he held Ashley's hand the other day, and so him and Erik were acting it out for us. And I think that nothing else needs to be said, because just look at that picture. Those be some fine boys! You all can come over any time because we love you guys oh so much :)
And since we are super poor college kids, this is how we celebrated today. And we felt real cool cause we even dyed our milk green. And those were some good tasting lucky charms ;) So Happy St. Patricks Day. May all your dreams come true!

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