Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Two down, a million to go!

Well Aimee went into the MTC today! And that means that these two beautiful ladies are now both on their missions! I am so proud of them for serving. They really truly are my heroes, and I look up to them both so much. I can honestly say that I have one of the best families in the whole wide world. Us cousins have a bond that amazes me sometimes. We are all best friends, and we are such an important part of each others lives. Every time I read one of Rachel's mission emails it makes me so happy to see how much she is growing and progressing. Saying goodbye to Aimee today was hard, but I know that she will do amazing things. And she is going to be learning Korean, and that right there shows a true mark of a dedicated human being! So here are to my two fine ladies, who are going out there and changing a little bit of the world, and here are to the rest of them that are going to go out there. You all are my heroes. 

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