Friday, March 29, 2013

From a High to a Low

Rachel and I went to the Jordan River temple on Tuesday. And this trip was so bittersweet! Rachel is getting her endowments out today, so this was the last trip we made together before this girl is endowed! It still gets to me sometimes how much everyone is growing up. Everyone is going to the temple and leaving on their missions. I am so proud of all of these kids, and I look up to all of you so much! P.S. shout out to Aubrey and Emily for getting their mission calls on wed! Brazil and New York, New York! <3 You girls are my heroes.

On Wednesday it was my big sisters birthday! This girl is 21 now! Ummmm when did we grow up? It was just yesterday when we were laying in our beds with curlers listening to our dad tell us bedtime stories. And now she is going on a mission and I will still be hitting college hard. I can't believe how time can go by so fast, but I am so thankful to have a sister like you to do everything with. You will always be the girl that I look up to and want to be just like. Love you sister!

And then on Thursday things got bad. I am a generally easy going person, and I don't let a lot of things bother me or get me down, but holy cuss, on Thursday it was like everything that could go bad did go bad. Our contract fell through for the fall because the church bought those apartments to house missionaries, so we had to go and find a whole new place to live. School was getting overwhelming and I didn't do very good on a test that I had. And then there was so much stinking roommate drama, that I had had enough. And that is when I figured out the cure for an incredibly crappy day.
1. I called my mom
2. I texted my best friend and she just talked to me, and we shared how our days had been really crappy. And for some reason, sharing those feelings with someone else who had a bad day really helps. Also I texted Erik Harris. He told me a hilarious joke, and then asked if he could do anything for me. Just the pure act of caring made me feel so much better.
3. I went to a service project to help at a special needs mutual, and oh my gosh, I had the best time ever. The kids there made me so happy. Whit and I just sat and listened to them and got some good stories!
4. On the way to the service project Rachel and I rode with, Austin, Carlie, and Charlotte. Best car ride ever. Austin Mcstraw, you make me laugh so much and you always make everything better. And thanks for making me try a spicy mcchicken, you know whats up!
So in conclusion: you call your mom, text your best friends, serve others, and get out of the dorm and do something with friends. This can make any horribly horrific day so much better. And today everything just seemed to fall into place. So thanks people, thanks for taking my day and making it so good. I admire each and every one of you :)
And doesn't Rachel's face in this picture just make you want to die?! I love this girl, and I think we can all see why ;)

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  1. I think I MAY be slightly Asian because of my face in this picture...