Monday, July 29, 2013

Sister Weekend/ONE DIRECTION!!!

This weekend my sister came into town and we did the following:
Saw the lone ranger (so good, and he is so freaking hot), went to the hot springs, went to 7 peaks, ate at café rio......twice, the brick oven (with the grandparents), in-n-out, and the sweet tooth fairy, we hung out with Rachel and Mandie and had a sleepover with them and the sisters, and then we did the most important thing of our lives and we went to the ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!!
Now I won't even go into how amazing and life changing this was for us. All you need to know is we were on row 10, and all our dreams came true at this concert. Like seriously, haters to the left cause 1D is perfect, and they are the same cute, funny, amazing people that you see in their videos and stuff. Like why can I not have one of my very own Harry Styles to hold hands with 24/7? Sometimes the world is unfair. But oh well, seeing them in person was good enough! We love you one direction, and we solemnly swear to be devoted fans till we hit the grave. #onedirectionforever
These 5 men are the raddest in the whole wide world.
 Come on...ROW 10! Get out of here!
 Try not to cry at the sight of these dream boats.
 Gosh we were close to them. SERIOUSLY BEST NIGHT EVER!
 Me and the sister will never forget this night, don't you worry!
Just your typical Harry Styles blowing us a kiss. It's kinda a huge deal.
And that's a wrap of the best day of our lives. And the grandest sister weekend in the history of sister weekends.

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