Monday, July 15, 2013

The Birth Land

We visited Salt Lake this weekend. I love this place so much. Temple square puts the best name on slc. Utah you produce some dang great places!
And after, we hit up City Creek  and then we went to Kaysville and met up with one of Rachel's mission leaders, and his family just happens to own a popcorn shop and a movie theater, so he gave us the VIP tour. I now know what it's like behind the senses in a movie theater. And it's rad, ok well it's actually not all that neat, but hey now I can say I've been behind the glass with those big old projectors. And my favorite part of our tour was the popcorn shop. Obvi. I mean food+me=love. So we learned how they make all their popcorn and all their flavors. And oh my gosh, if you are ever in Kaysville swing by and grab a bag of rocky road popcorn. It will change your life for the better, I swear! Well Rachel, you did well with the hookup my friend. It was one terrific weekend!

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