Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week Wrap Up

 On Monday we had FHE and we played rock band. It was fun times. ROCK LOBSTER!
 On Tuesday Jeremy and I had our date. It was oh so much fun! Then on Wednesday Hailey and I went and donated money and got a piece of the largest cougars tail. It was delish.
 On Thursday my parents came in town!!!!!! It was so good to see them! We went to the creamery, went shopping, went out to eat, went to divine comedy (so freaking hilarious!), and we went to go see Sam in Christmas Around The World. All in all it was a great weekend with them.
 On Friday night 1217 had one of their famous black light parties. Ok, lets be real for a second, I honestly do not think that I have ever danced that hard in my life! It was insane how many people were crammed into that room, and it was the funnest time ever! Love those boys for doing those parties. And I will never forget that they are 1217 and they only party to one song--My Humps! haha love those kids!
 So our ward has been on a pranking high. It has been fun times indeed. But some people try to break into rooms by doing the hanger trick.....well our FHE boys think they are so clever and they boxed up their door handle :)
Well this brings us to good old Sunday. Me and my roommates are being ALL domestic today. We made all of these chocolate covered pretzels for sweet swap. We are also making us a grand Sunday dinner. And yea we are feeling really proud of ourselves!
Well it was an awesome week, filled with oh so much fun. Bring on the last week of classes! SO EXCITED!

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