Monday, December 17, 2012

A Post Dedicated To The End Of The Semester

After I took my last final, it was a very happy moment in Sara's life. I was so happy to be done with my first semester of college! So I was feeling a little crazy and I decided to put boxes on my feet and "ice skate" around the kitchen. It was oh so much fun, and then we got really carried away....
 ....And box ice skates turned into this. And then she went around and she knocked on peoples doors and she did a robot dance. I was so proud/weirded out all the same time!!!
 Then we had our boys come over and give us our last bet time story :( Jeremy this one if for you: We are going to miss you so so much. You are one of the finest kids I have had the pleasure of meeting. You make me laugh sooooo much, it's incredible. You have such a strong testimony, and thank you for sharing it with me. You are just the greatest kid ever, and Idaho, yea it is going to LOVE you. We will write you letters like it is our job! And when you come back we will cheer for you during your footballs games, even if SkyeLyn is old and married. Thank you for being so great, and for being a part of our lives. WE LOVE YOU J-SPUD!
 And so that is the story of how I made it through my first semester of college, and how it was the greatest semester I could possibly ask for. It was seriously the best time ever, and I looooove college oh so much. Can't wait for the next semester! AND so now I am home, and it feels sooo good to be back!
 Me and Alee are kinda cute. And we are the best sisters ever!
 We did the creep on Gracie.
 And we did this fine pose, whatever it is.
So Christmas break, lest have the best times, and then I will go back up to Utah and write some missionaries, and take chemistry, and have a grand old second semester of college.

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