Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Very Sick Way To End December

I am so sorry that we all look really fine in this picture. Christmas mornings at our house start E.a.r.l.y.
But lets start with Christmas eve. We went and played soccer in the morning and then did our tradish run to the bagel shop for bagel sandwiches. Then we went home and wrapped presents and so forth and watched some Christmas movies, and we had a dang good dinner. Then we had our evening celebrations, and we read some Christmas books and each talked about our favorite stories about Christ.
Then we went to bed late and woke up real early and I was sick. So out of my lifetime I bet you I have been sick for at least half of all of my Christmas's. It is just grand. But Christmas was still good. I got some great things :)
And that leads us to now, starting on Christmas till now I have been oh so sick. So, yea it has been fun times. But I am just ready to party my heart out during New Years. I will make my last week here COUNT! Oh yes I will, you better believe it!

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