Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Here is to the best year I could have possibly imagined. Seriously, even though I had my bumps in the road, I was able to graduate High School with dignity and have an amazing summer. House boats+lake powell+amazing cousins=the best times I could ask for. Then I headed up to good old BYU and had the most amazing semester of college that I think was possible. This year might have started off a little ruff, but it definitely paid off in more ways than I could ask for, and for that I am grateful. Lets have another smashing year 2013!
 So for New Years Eve we did a 5k. I have no idea why but doing a 5k has always been on my bucket list, so I was so excited. This run is on scenic drive and seriously the view was amazing. I felt super healthy doing a run while the new year rolled in, and we sure are going to make this 5K new year run a tradition!
Well, here is most of the group. My whole family and the Westman's whole family did it together. And Erica: my goal for next year is going to actually be able to run with you the whole race! :)
Then after the race, we all went to IHOP (and it was my first time!) And it was good.
Oh and I almost forgot, the Robalin girls came over for Pei Wei and games while are parents went out to dinner. It was grand. Then we watched Harry Potter, and I won't even go into that because as lame as it sounds, I get very sentimental about that show.

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