Tuesday, January 22, 2013

3 day weekends!

3 day weekends are the best ever! In fact they are so great that Rachel and I celebrated by eating the last two Twinkies on earth ;)
On Friday night so many festivities went down. One of them was a midnight run to In-n-out after the dance party. This is becoming a definite tradition for us before we have our sleepovers with 1102. And it is one of the greatest traditions we have established yet!
And here is pretty much the best group ever at the black light party. Gosh we party hard ;) I loooooove these black light dance parties soooo much!
Then on Saturday night, Rachel and I went to the mens volleyball game. Heaven help us. These games are amazing. Not only is our team totally fantastic and beat the #1 team in the nation, but yes it is true....we saw them all shirtless! It was kinda an amazing moment in our lives. Like we are totally not creepers or anything, but before the games starts and the whole team is changing from their warm up shirts into their jerseys, ya know that we cant help but love seeing these tan and fine chiseled bodies! And so for my love of the game, we will attend as many of these games as possible. And I am dead serious when I say that is my reason for going!
Oh and then we went to church on Sunday and all that jazz. And we watched the Holiday. So good. And we started doing roommate dinners on Sunday and so rachwood and I made Dominican food and I think it turned out good! Then on Monday we stupidly tried to go to the Draper temple, which yes. was closed. Then we got Chinese, worked out, went to FHE (and tries to fake barf our fhe bros...fail), and then we went over to kenny, tanner,steven....yea their dorm and we watched Glory Road, which is about El Paso....so what up! And that was how my grand 3 day weekend went down. Now I am back to the grind of tests, homework, and endless chem!


  1. i always know im going to have a great day when i have in n out burger ;) and my husband and i love to go to the BYU mens volleyball games! they are so good!

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