Thursday, January 17, 2013

And We Are Back

I made some muffins, and they were good.
I wore my Texas shirt and got some much needed Jamba Juice.
Annnnnnd we are back. School is in full swing, and I have got such a messy desk to prove it! I like being in school, I really do. I like all my classes so far. And I even though I am not too fond of chem, I am not totally hating it so far, so that is a major bonus. I got a free mug on campus today, and we all know free things make me oh so happy! Well I already have a test in the testing center that I have to take by Friday. And don't tell anyone but I actually love the testing center. Taking test there makes me happy. Strange I know. Oh and props to me for getting my roommates TOTALLY hooked on the bachelor. I begged them to watch it with me, and now they are totally obsessed. And by totally obsessed, I hope you really know that they are in love with that show. It is so funny how much they get into it! Well here is to a grand 2nd week of school. Lets have a beast of a 3rd week, and a littttle bit warmer of a 3rd week :)

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